Bring your farm data to life.

Decipher is an easy to use service with powerful insights to show you crop variability and let you compare growth performance, track trends and organise information about your land. It simplifies the nutrition process to help grow your productivity.

See your land like
never before.

Decipher's world-class satellite imagery provides up to 10m of high definition NDVI views to help you visualise what's happening on your land, easy to analyse charts to track trends in-season and over time so you can get started on your precision agriculture journey.

Sample smarter.

Get nutritional insights from the ground up with Decipher's seamless, georeferenced soil sampling process. Along with our companion app DecipherGo, you can plan and assign sampling jobs, collect samples and view results on the Decipher map.

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Farming is changing.

Decipher is here to help you stay productive and help you start building technology into your farming practices. With farm insights as they happen and in-depth sample analysis, you can stop spending money on nutrition application in areas you don't need to and watch your business' value grow.

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New tools, same world-class heritage

We may be new, but we’re not green. Backed by CSBP's 100 years of agricultural knowledge and expertise, Decipher is Australian-grown and has been made for Australian growers and ag service providers. The set of tools have been developed with your needs in mind, so you can be sure you're in good hands with Decipher.

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