We have built a team of business delivery, customer success and software developers that are closely aligned to our customers, and the agriculture and mining industries. Together we share a passion for innovation and pushing these industries further.

Decipher - Anthony Walker - CEO

Anthony Walker
Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is a highly respected business and advisory professional with extensive cross-functional experience within agriculture, resources, government and telecommunications sectors. He is experienced in client services, business and product strategy, product management, project management, process improvement and executive level leadership.

Decipher - Wayne - Business Manager

Wayne Hiller
Business Manager

Wayne has a broad experience working in agriculture for over 40 years. Born and bred in rural WA, Wayne has worked in small business and larger agricultural organisations in a number of different roles. Wayne has had a passion throughout his career in technology, and the opportunity to build Decipher as a new software as a service business to help growers in their operations, is incredibly rewarding.

Decipher - Brooke - Commercial Manager

Brooke Edwards
Commercial Manager

Brooke has a strong background in finance, sales and marketing, and brings strategic, negotiation and analytical skills to the Decipher team. Along with agriculture, she has experience in FMCG and manufacturing industries.

Decipher - Matt - Technical Delivery Manager

Matt Stewart
Technical Delivery Manager

Matt has been with Wesfarmers for more than 10 years in various IT and business project management and analysis roles, including the last four years working on Decipher’s award winning imagery technology. Matt leads a team of developers and designers to deliver Decipher’s features in an intuitive package based on the latest technology.

Decipher - Zoe Strange - Technical Product Manager

Zoe Strange
Technical Product Manager

Zoe specialises in creating and delivering enterprise based software products for large organisations, predominantly in the resources sector, but also within agriculture, government and construction industries. She has worked extensively in the software space and has held a number of roles across marketing, client services and support, environmental consulting and product management.

Decipher - Ronan Bray - Marketing Manager

Ronan Bray
Marketing Manager

Ronan’s expertise sits in Marketing but he has vast experience in sales, design, 3 of his own start-ups and product development, where he has helped build and expand companies in the technology, workforce, real-estate, property and service industries.