The Decipher vision is to

Accelerate the responsible, sustainable and productive management of earth’s resources to meet the needs of a modern consumer

The Decipher mission is to

Provide solutions for customers to enable optimal resource management

Our values to achieve this vision and mission

We act with integrity

We take pride in the work we do and recognise ourselves as ambassadors of Decipher and WesCEF. We’re honest and transparent with each other, our partners and our customers and choose what is right over what is easy. This means owning our mistakes and delivering results without shortcuts.

We are one team

We help each other and collaborate internally and with our partners to achieve the best possible outcome. We value diversity and seek input and participation from across the business because great ideas come from everywhere. Working as a team, we share our successes and overcome problems together.

We are customer focused

We’re driven to help our customers and make their jobs easier. Customer input is never an after-thought, and we stay connected with them through continuous engagement and listening so we can create products that solve their problems and deliver value.

We are accountable

We are outcome-driven and take ownership of our work and the products we deliver. There’s no passing the buck, blame or excuses, and we roll up our sleeves to tackle problems wherever they occur. A self-motivated and fast-moving bunch, we understand what we’re trying to achieve and each play our role in getting there.

We make things happen

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are commercially savvy and passionate about building great products. We are resilient, flexible and comfortable with change. New ideas are always welcome and we actively pursue new opportunities to create value.

We care

Empathy and emotional intelligence are important to us, and we care about each other’s wellbeing. We are inclusive and empower one another to do our best. Being part of something bigger than ourselves excites us, and we look for ways to effect positive change.

The Decipher product principles

Innovation - Product Principles - Decipher


Good Underlying Science - Product Principals - Decipher

Good Underlying Science

Intuitiveness - Product Principles - Decipher