Regardless of where you and your clients are on the precision agriculture and farm nutrition journey, Decipher can help. Decipher starts with the basics and puts the foundations in place, making the step to apply precision agriculture, an easy one. Your clients can easily store all of their data in the one place, allowing you to visualise their farm data, provide deeper agricultural insights, collaborate and make informed nutrition decisions.

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Farm nutrition management made easy

Decipher lets you easily and seamlessly manage and share nutrition farm data. Decipher Pro has been designed for agriculture service providers to set-up, manage, view and interact with multiple clients’ farm nutrition data in the one place.

Improve your program offering

Farming is changing, but we’ve made it easy for you and your clients to adopt precision agriculture into your operations. With access to client nutrition data anywhere, anytime you can provide advice when needed.

Build strong client relationships

Connect, share and collaborate with your clients on their farm nutrition data and insights to demonstrate the value of your agronomic services and support their success.

Grow your consulting business

Decipher is easy to get started with and designed for users of all technology levels, so your business has ready-to-go nutrition management tools to grow your clients, staff and profits.

We do nutrition mapping differently

Decipher’s powerful biomass mapping is powered by Google Earth Engine, a world-class tool that uses satellite images, geospatial data and global-scale processing to bring you reliable vegetation analysis in seconds.

See levels of plant growth across your clients’ farm with:

  • 10m daily, monthly and seasonal imagery, allowing you to identify issues or seasonal impacts quickly
  • Imagery clipped to your clients’ farm or paddock
  • Access up to 10 years of historical imagery
  • Ability to export imagery as a colour image and data
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Open up insights into your clients paddocks

Compare like-to-like performance across months and years with peak imagery, and monitor trends and changes month-on-month with straightforward charting to make informed decisions from better nutritional insights.

Sample smarter

Get nutritional insights from the ground up with Decipher’s seamless soil and plant sampling process.

Along with DecipherAg Mobile, you and your clients can:

  • Select representative sample sites using biomass imagery and management zones
  • Plan and assign sampling jobs
  • Collect samples and submit jobs to any laboratory
  • View the results on the Decipher map
  • Upload historical sample data
Sample Smarter - Decipher

Target your clients field inputs

Within a single paddock there are many variables, therefore blanket treating an entire paddock might not be the best way to manage resources or boost profitability.

Our management zones feature offers a solution by clustering areas of similar biomass and conditions together, enabling you to precisely identify low and high performing areas for your clients, and help treat them accordingly.

You can use zones to identify representative sample sites, and to create prescription maps for fertiliser applications.

Take planning to the next level

Our Plans feature allows you to create, manage and collaborate with your clients on their crop and nutrition plans.

Used in conjunction with the biomass imagery, you can compare in-season growth against planned crop and product applications, enabling you to demonstrate the value of your agronomic services and support.

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Decipher Pro aligns you with your farmers nutrition cycle so you can add value at each stage

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