Check out the 1st episode of Visible Farmer with Debbie Dowden

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Check out the 1st episode of Visible Farmer with Debbie Dowden

Agriculture is facing a triple whammy: a serious shortfall of skilled workers, increasing pressure to produce more food for a growing population, ever more challenging climate conditions and yet currently its potential leaders are largely overlooked.

Women produce half of all you eat. Women make up 50% of the rural workforce. Women generate half of all farm income. BUT only 2.3% of CEOs in Australian agribusinesses are female – compared with an average of 17% across other industries. Agriculture has one of the lowest levels of employment for women. Narrowing the “gender gap” has become a pressing issue, which needs to be addressed.

VISIBLE FARMER discovers the untold stories of Australia’s incredible farming women who have long remained ‘invisible’. From remote outback stations to urban market gardens – it’s a journey that will change your perception of who a farmer is.

VISIBLE FARMER reveals the hidden face of Australian agriculture and the vital and innovative roles women play.

The series asks serious questions about contemporary issues facing rural Australia and its future. Ultimately it empowers women to stand up and declare ‘I am a farmer.”


Watch the first episode with Debbie Dowden, a cattle producer at Challa Station in WA’s Mid-West.

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