Decipher leads way

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Decipher leads way

Decipher leads way

Originally published by Shepp News.  

There are not many agronomists today who aren’t using agtech of some description to better advise their clients.

While these services can significantly enhance their offering, working out the approach best suited to them and their clients’ businesses can be a challenge.

A desire to get meaningful, in-depth farm data for his broadacre clients prompted Driscoll Ag agronomist Zachary East to become one of the early adopters of the newly-released Decipher Plus service.

Mr East’s clients grow predominantly cereals, legumes and pulses around Bendigo and, while the majority of them have used agtech in one form or another for various farm activities, the ability of Decipher Plus to layer imagery with yield mapping and soil sampling locations on the one platform was a feature that prompted him to add it into his client offering.

‘‘It’s really exciting to be able to bring even more accurate and powerful data into our farming analysis,’’ Mr East said.

‘‘With Decipher, we can layer specific paddock NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index) imagery with yield maps, which means we can get exactly the information we need to make proper decisions for soil health programs.

‘‘As an added bonus, there’s no need to copy copious amounts of data from the farm planning software we’ve been using for a number of years.’’

The recently released Decipher Plus and Decipher Pro subscription packages give agronomists and growers an easy way to detect and analyse the nutritional requirements of their crops, inform input decisions and track trends over time.

Try Decipher for free or get started with Plus at or by downloading the app DecipherGO from the Google Play store.