Deciphering farm insights has never been easier

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Deciphering farm insights has never been easier

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Originally published by Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers

Optimising production through improved crop nutrition is the aim of the game for most farmers and ag consultants, but with the growing number of precision ag services on the market, working out the best tool to use can be challenging.

Decipher Pro and Decipher Plus are new subscription packages recently released by Australian ag tech start-up Decipher, using a simple, cloud-based nutrition management platform which gives farmers and consultants the power to generate the insights they need, when and where they need them.

Decipher Plus gives users the ability to see precisely which areas of a crop needs attention, specific to their farm and paddocks, and to rapidly analyse and act on the information available, such as sample results by precise location, nutrition analysis, farm data and high definition biomass imagery .

Decipher Pro, designed for ag service providers, enables users to manage, view and interact with multiple client farms on the one platform, accessing the same data available in Decipher Plus.

Decipher Business Manager Wayne Hiller said the collaborative features marked a turning point in ag tech offerings.

“The benefit of Decipher Plus is the way it lets users see and tailor analysis on their paddocks or farm, as they compare data over time, giving them an in-depth picture of precisely the issue they’re interested in,” Mr Hiller said.

“The ability to share those insights with other users in the one place increases the speed and accuracy with which decisions can be made.

“For example, in Decipher you can create farm boundaries, upload farm data and seamlessly generate charts comparing crop growth month on month and for a season. This means everyone is looking at the same information with problem areas detected faster, often before they’re visible to the naked eye, enabling timely management decisions to be made as the season progresses.”

Decipher Pro allows ag service providers to set up all their clients and view mapping and nutrition data in one place.

“In parallel, growers can use the Decipher Go companion app on their mobile device, to view biomass imagery, notes and geo locate samples in the field. This service is fully integrated and supports users to help identify issues quickly and provide feedback to the grower on actions to address issues in almost real time.”

“There is no need to cross reference paper records, online mapping or other systems. Historical data from many other platforms can be uploaded and overlaid.

“It is straightforward and intuitive, which makes it a good fit for every level of user. The simplicity of Decipher makes it easy to bring data, staff and clients onto the service with little to no on-boarding training required.

“The time-saving potential of the service enables ag service providers to give more thorough, tailored and timely recommendations to their clients all year round,” Mr Hiller said.

Find out more about Decipher Pro and Plus packages, or try Decipher for free, at

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