Introducing our new DecipherAg Mobile App!

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Introducing our new DecipherAg Mobile App!

We are excited to announce that as of 27th November 2019 our “DecipherGO” application will be relaunched as DecipherAg Mobile.

Our new app has been overhauled with a cleaner design, simplified layout and an enhanced user experience with better navigation and richer features.

With DecipherAg Mobile you will be able to:

  • Receive sampling jobs from the web app
  • Collect and submit soil and plant samples (including offline)
  • Start an ad hoc soil and plant sample job
  • Start and submit a scouting observation (including offline)
  • Scan barcodes faster
  • View farm and paddock boundaries tied to jobs planned from the web app (DecipherAg)
  • Experience seamless navigation through the app


What does this mean for DecipherGO?

Up until the 26th November 2019 you will be able to continue using all existing functionality however, from the 27th November access to specific functionality will change.

You will no longer be able to:

  • Start an ad hoc job
  • Receive a planned job from the web
  • Start an observation (scouting activity)

You will however be able to:

  • Access biomass
  • Send and submit “in-progress” and “unsubmitted” sampling jobs (plant and soil) to the lab

We therefore strongly advise that you download our new app (DecipherAg Mobile) once it becomes available on the 27th November 2019.


Please speak to our friendly support team at

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