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Precision agriculture made easy

For many growers, agronomists and consultants around Australia, the words AgTech and Precision Agriculture (PA) are filled with mixed emotions of interest, confusion and reluctance; and with the growing number of services currently available in the market, it’s no wonder why the industry is finding it difficult to adopt.

Agronomist Luke Wilkins from Bawdens Rural in Tumby Bay South Australia, said that finding a platform that allowed his clients to easily dip their toes into PA without having to invest significant amounts of money or time was a massive challenge.

“We’ve researched and dabbled in various platforms over the years, however until now it has been a rather complicated, clunky and expensive process,” he said.

Luke and the team at Bawdens recently decided to add Decipher to their toolkit and become a Decipher Pro partner so that they can better service their clients, regardless of where they are on the PA and nutrition journey.

Bawdens Rural - Decipher Pro Partner
Agronomist, Luke Wilkins

Wesfarmers-owned Decipher, is an easy-to-use PA platform that enables growers and agronomists to make informed, data-driven decisions by helping them visualise their data, identify and address crop variability and compare growth performance.

“Decipher allows our clients to explore PA in an uncomplicated manner for a really reasonable price. We can work side-by-side with our growers who are interested and ready to explore PA, and start to help them adopt and implement it into their operations.

“For those clients who aren’t quite ready yet, they can sign-up for free and start to put some of their data in the once place, so that when they are ready to take the next step, it’ll be a much easier and much less daunting job.”

“Decipher is taking farming to the next level and has enabled us to join in and become PA experts,” said Luke.

With Decipher, growers and agriculture service providers can analyse data layers (farm maps, soil and plant results and yield data) and easily monitor and compare crop performance by season and paddock with the NDVI imagery tools. Armed with this information, they can easily identify variability and get an in-depth understanding of their soil and crop requirements.

Decipher’s actionable solutions including Sampling, Crop and Nutrition Plans, Management Zones, Notes and Observations then enable them to make data-driven decisions, adjust plans or manage application activities which precisely target and address the variability.

Agronomist Tony Kelly from Advanced Ag in Shepparton Victoria, has clients at all different PA levels; some at the top-end while others are at a more basic level. Despite this, Tony has been able to help one of his clients save $30,000 across his program by identifying high phosphorus levels.

“We identified that we were able to cut back his phosphorus rates which was backed up by soil tests through Decipher.”

“Decipher’s been very good in that respect because you can identify that variability and then present it in front of the farmer,” said Tony.

Watch this video to find out how Tony Kelly helped his client save $30,000

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With a strong focus on the customer, Decipher is continuously growing and improving their product by regularly releasing new features and enhancements.

To further enhance Decipher’s in-season offering, over the next month new features will be released including NDRE imagery, Notes and Observations, and Weather.

Getting started with Decipher is quick, easy and free.

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