Putting precision agriculture research and production into practice

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Putting precision agriculture research and production into practice

Jointly organised by the Society of Precision Agriculture and Sydney Institute of Agriculture, the symposium was held at The Tramsheds, Inveresk, on Monday and Tuesday.

Newly-elected society president and the Technical Product Manager at Decipher, Frank D’Emden said the symposium was where research and agricultural production met.

“It’s turning that research into real-life stuff,” Mr D’Emden said.

“The idea is to have a symposium where the researchers provide input, getting some real-life examples of that research being put into practice and then also an opportunity for sponsors to present their latest products as well.

“We’re going through the full chain, from research to commercialisation and then into practice,” he said.

Michael Nichols. Picture: Scott Gelston

 Michael Nichols. Picture: Scott Gelston

Sisters Creek cropping farmer Michael Nichols spoke, showing attendees how he used precision agriculture for soil management techniques.

“We had to get precision ag to change the scale. We started off with soil mapping and we also use drone or satellite images,” Mr Nichols said.

The information is used to make custom fertiliser blends for each field and crop, which are then applied on a timed basis.

This detailed process meant Mr Nichols harvested an Australian crop record for wheat in 2018.

The symposium continues on Tuesday sessions in the morning, followed by farm tours.

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