The impact of precision agriculture in Australia

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The impact of precision agriculture in Australia

Australian farmers are known for their resilience farming in the harsh Australian climate and more recently operating through devastating environmental conditions, particularly across the Eastern States. In this episode of Location Matters, NGIS invited the CEO of Decipher, Anthony Walker, Technical Product Manager at Decipher, Frank D’Emden and EO Data Science General Manager, Nathan Eaton to discuss the recent advancements in earth observation technologies and how this has enabled farmers to gain powerful insights and make decisions for improving their crop yield and profits.



1:15      Can you explain how Decipher was formed?

3:00     How has the relationship formed between NGIS and Decipher?

5:30     Where do you see Decipher’s role currently in the agriculture industry?

8:30     How did it feel to be recognised by the spatial industry for the work you’ve done?

10:30   What is precision agriculture and how do you feel earth observation technologies have transformed the ways farmers make decisions?

17:00   Can you tell us about what the DEA technology is and how you plan to leverage it using the DEA Labs grant?

21:15   Where do you see the role of spatial technology taking the ag industry next?


Find out how Decipher is transforming the way the agriculture industry manages nutrition

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