What are the benefits of adopting precision agriculture?

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What are the benefits of adopting precision agriculture?

 Precision agriculture is transforming the way that growers and agriculture service providers are managing their business. But how exactly?


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of precision agriculture:


  1. Cost-efficient operations

Budgeting and accounting isn’t always a farmer’s forte. After all, you’d rather be out on the land. But anything that makes it easier to manage costs and keep expenses down has to be a benefit. Used well, precision agtech has the potential to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Because your use of resources such as fertiliser, chemicals or pesticide is far more targeted, it means far less waste than the alternative blanket spraying approach. With better clarity around how much of each resource is required, you have a better indication of projected spend, and can budget accordingly.


  1. Higher yields

Improved growing practices and optimised conditions not surprisingly lead to higher yield. Precision agriculture tools give you the ability to give crops exactly what they need, exactly what they need it. Take, for example, the application of fertiliser. Precision agriculture technology will measure and account for soil variations, and then adapt application of fertiliser accordingly. A biomass mapping tool like DecipherAg also allows you to create hyper-localised crop and nutrition plans that precisely address variabilities, and therefore increase the likelihood that your crop will produce a bumper yield.


  1. Better quality production

Users of precision agriculture are also more likely to see better quality produce from each yield. Through more accurate monitoring of soil, irrigation and strip tilling, crops are more inclined to thrive. With access to real-time information, it’s easier to pick up on issues that could impact on your production, and therefore quickly take action to make any necessary adjustments.


  1. Greater profitability

Combine points one and two, and you’ll be keeping the bank manager happy. While farming is still at the whim of weather volatility, market changes and commodity pricing, the more variables you can remove from the equation, the better. Taking the guesswork out of cropping with the help of technology can only help up your chances of a successful season.


  1. Reduced environmental harm

Reduced, more accurate application of resources also results in less damaging environmental impact. Studies have suggested that precision agriculture practices are having a positive contribution to greenhouse gas reduction. Better nutrient and irrigation management also dramatically reduce unnecessary waste while better soil management long-term can mean the need to use chemicals can reduce over time.


  1. More informed decision making

Knowledge and intuition can get you so far, but data doesn’t lie. The information that farmers can glean from their suite of agtech tools takes the guesswork out of operations – things like crop rotation, planting times, harvesting and soil management. User-friendly software platforms visualise data, making it easy to get a clear picture of farm performance, identify trends and pick up on variances. With this information at your fingertips, you’re better positioned to make more informed decisions about what happens both on-farm, and in the office. Farmers who leverage the insight of agronomists or advisors can also easily share this data – no matter where they are. Decision making isn’t just smarter, it’s also faster.


The demand for food around the globe is only increasing. It makes sense that producers take advantage of tools that make them more efficient, and more productive. DecipherAg is one tool that is giving growers the data and knowledge they need to truly optimise their farming operations. Find out more, and sign up for a free trial to see it in action for yourself here:


Decipher is transforming the way the agriculture industry manages nutrition

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