Why is precision agriculture important?

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Why is precision agriculture important?

The agriculture sector is under increasing pressure to produce more food for an ever-growing global population. Meanwhile profit margins are feeling the pinch, weather volatility is impacting production, and farming practices are under increased scrutiny to align with sustainable use of resources, both on-farm and in the running of a business.

These factors combined mean that it’s never been more important for producers to focus on both efficiency and productivity to drive business growth.

Precision agriculture (the combining of both physical and digital technologies) and the rise in agtech solutions has been a game-changer for the industry’s ability to make optimised use of resources for maximum yield.


Here’s why:

Farmers have always worked to understand weather patterns, soil, crop condition and nutrients – that research and analysis is nothing new.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s still something to be said for knowledge passed through generations and an innate connection to the land. But, without the right technology, even those with a deep farming legacy still rely on some element of guesswork.

Precision agriculture changes that. It uses integrated agtech solutions to provide reliable, real-time data that allows producers to adjust resources and cultivation methods to accurately suit the farming conditions.


For farmers, that means:

Better land use optimisation

Precision tools (like DecipherAg) help to ensure that every fertile bit of arable land on a farm is optimised for best growing conditions through biomass mapping and vegetation analysis. In-field sensors send soil information back to a centralised platform, while drone and satellite technology give farmers a real-time view of their land to identify issues. For those with vast farms, discovering and tending to these issues could otherwise go unnoticed, and untended for days.

Conservation of resources
There’s no guesswork or blanket decision-making when it comes to the distribution of fertiliser, nutrients and irrigation. That means better use of resources, and cost savings for farm owners. Through the use of section controls, precision agriculture can also help prevent unnecessary chemicals going into the ground.

Efficient farming practices
Technology such as autonomous, GPS-driven vehicles and drones are less reliant on human resource. Cloud technology solutions make it easy for farmers to access data from anywhere, at any time, with a seamless flow of data between tools. That means less double handling, and less time spent at the desk.


These factors combined make it easier for farmers to feed the planet

As access to data grows, so too does a farmer’s ability to make faster, better and more informed data-driven decisions that increase yield, protect the environment and make better use of resources.

For farmers, a better understanding of how what’s happening on farm translates to what’s happening in their books is also important. The data obtained on-farm can also integrate to accounting and business management tools that provide a clearer picture of a farm’s financial performance.

With this information, farmers are better positioned to make smart decisions around the operation of their farm, purchasing decisions and resourcing decisions.

A more profitable and sustainable farming business doesn’t only benefit landowners, but also their wider rural communities and national economies.


The high-tech future of farming

In a volatile and ever-changing world, our reliance on quality produce isn’t slowing. For farmers, that means access to tools that drive efficiency and production at scale has never been more important. And it’s not just for enterprise farming operations. Cloud technology has made high-tech solutions accessible to more agri-businesses, with software plans and functionality that flex and scale as their business does.

DecipherAg is a platform that makes precision agriculture easy. It gives growers and agronomists the data, knowledge and tools to optimise yield and return-on-investment, meaning more food for the planet, and a more sustainable future for farming.

Find out more and take DeciperAg for a test drive yourself to see how it could transform the way you see your farming business.


Decipher is transforming the way the agriculture industry manages nutrition

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