Decipher & NGIS won Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

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Decipher & NGIS won Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

Decipher & NGIS named the Regional Winner at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

Decipher and NGIS were awarded the 2018 Award for Innovation and Commercialisation at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards in Western Australia.


What was the problem?

Precision agriculture is the new frontier for the innovation economy in Australia. Between now and 2050 the world will need to produce around 70 percent more food to feed the growing population and the use of intelligence platforms such as Decipher will drive efficiencies in optimising inputs and increasing yield from agricultural land. With limited expansion of agricultural land in Australia for broad acre farming, the challenge for the industry is to use data and advanced techniques to become more productive with the existing land assets.

What were the key outcomes?

Over 8 million hectares of farmland across nearly 100,000 individual paddocks has been mapped in detail in Decipher. Within the first 10 months of operation, Decipher on-boarded almost 5,000 subscribers to the freely available version, and over a dozen of the leading agricultural service providers in Australia have subscribed to the paid service since its launch 5 months later, with 2,000 subscribers now collaborating in the platform.

How did we address it?

Decipher is a high performing, highly available end to end product for managing crop nutrition using cutting edge spatial technology to deliver content through an easy to use map driven interface. Decipher has been optimised to deliver a wealth of content to the end user through server side processing and effective design. The use of remote sensing with big data anayltics and advanced cloud processing to dynamically generate in-season intelligence for farmers is the most advanced application of spatial technology in the worldwide crop nutrition market. Decipher uses the largest catalogue of satellite imagery and has the capacity to dynamically process data from multiple satellites into combined Peak values for any month or season, and perform dynamic trend analysis for any worldwide location, a feature that provides true insights into performance.




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