Decipher and NGIS teams go head-to-head

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Decipher and NGIS teams go head-to-head

Lawn bowls would seem a fairly dull sport to some, but the atmosphere was electric at the West Leederville Sporting Club last Friday night as the NGIS and Decipher teams joined forces to battle it out for the ultimate prize, the inaugural Graham Griffiths memorial plate.

The tournament had highs, lows, tantrums, calls for a video referee, but most of all – plenty of laughs and good memories made.

The evening was dedicated in memory of Graham Griffiths, former NGIS Chairman and Director. Paul Farrell, Managing Director of NGIS, reflected on Graham’s contribution to the business both as a mentor and friend.

“Graham was a great man and he provided a guiding light to many at NGIS over 12 years, he was experienced and selfless with his time and a great mentor to me and many within the business,” he said.

Both Paul and Anthony Walker, CEO at Decipher, announced to the group that they would each be making a donation to the charity of their choice – the Starlight Foundation and the Fremantle Foundation – no matter which team came out on top.

Decipher - Software as a Service

Left to right: Brendan Downes, Robert Glatzel, Chris Ranasinghe and Sarah Coster

NGIS chose to support the Fremantle Foundation, a grassroots charity that supports a number of projects in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Paul said that the Fremantle Foundation provides relief and support to groups based in Fremantle who need it, including indigenous groups, the long-term unemployed and the homeless.

“The Fremantle Foundation helps provide people with a sense of belonging, purpose and identity when they may have the odds stacked against them, that is why I have been involved with them for several years,” he said.

Decipher’s charity of choice was The Starlight Children’s Foundation for the upcoming Red Centre Challenge 2019, of which Anthony is participating in.

The initiative aims to raise $1.2 million by 2020 to help improve the health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Anthony said that this event is one that’s close to his heart.

“After being diagnosed with type II diabetes five years ago, I understand the need for education and awareness around healthy eating habits and exercise”.

“I’ve spent a fair amount of time travelling to many remote Aboriginal communities throughout Australia and have seen firsthand the gap that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Healthier Futures Initiative is really crucial in helping to close the gap in health.” said Anthony.

Sporting aside, the evening was a wonderful chance for Decipher and NGIS to celebrate their recent win of the J.K Barrie Award for Industry Excellence at the National Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA).


Originally published by NGIS.

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