Introducing our new mobile app & sampling enhancements in Version 4.3.1 of Decipher

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Introducing our new mobile app & sampling enhancements in Version 4.3.1 of Decipher

We’ve been busy. See what’s new in Decipher 4.3.1:

  • Our brand new companion mobile app, DecipherAg Mobile
  • Sampling improvements


DecipherAg Mobile

Replacing DecipherGO, DecipherAg Mobile now has:

  • The ability to work offline
  • Improved design and usability
  • Improved and faster barcode scanning
  • Farm and paddock boundaries are visible


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Sampling improvements

We heard your feedback last sampling season and have been working hard to support different sampling methods.

Using DecipherAg, you can now improve your repeatability for transect sampling and meet Fertcare’s sampling guidelines by:

  • Creating a multi site (also known as transect, composite or stratified) sampling job in the web app to record the individual locations of the samples collected
  • Assigning the job to your sampler in DecipherAg Mobile
  • Collecting the samples and submitting the job to the lab in DecipherAg Mobile
  • Analysing the results on the map in the web app

Start sampling > | Learn more about DecipherPlus


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