NDRE, printing, marketplace additions in Version 4.1

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NDRE, printing, marketplace additions in Version 4.1

We’ve been busy. See what’s new in Decipher 4.1.

What’s new:

  • Biomass (Red Edge) imagery
  • Print your screen and farms maps
  • Satellite and standard map view
  • Marketplace expansion – Precision aerial imagery and IoT devices


Biomass (Red Edge) Imagery

  • NDVI is a general indicator of crop health, however it isn’t perfect for all crops or for all growth stages as it often saturates at the maximum NDVI value of 0.8.
  • Decipher’s NDRE imagery provides a more accurate solution which is able to detect variations in the health of cereal crops in their later stages, high biomass crops (including sugar cane), and permanent tree crops.
  • NDRE uses the Red Edge part of the spectrum to detect changes in chlorophyll content, making it easier to identify variability where NDVI would usually become saturated. 
  • Improve your management applications throughout the season.
  • Available FREE for DecipherPlus users.

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NDVI v NDRE - Decipher - Precision Agriculture (Ag)

Print your screen and farms maps

  • Easily print farm maps and screens.
  • Available for a single layer of any screen (farm map, biomass, zones, yield).
  • Available FREE for DecipherPlus users.

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Decipher - Precision Agriculture - DecipherAg - Print Farm Maps

Satellite and Map View

  • Switch between satellite and map view through the layers icon.
  • Use our new print functionality to print your screen or farm map with either setting.
  • Available FREE for all users.

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Decipher - Precision Agriculture - DecipherAg - Satellite Map

Marketplace expansion – Ceres, Wildeye, Stratus

We have added some exciting new partner products available in Marketplace

  • Stratus Imaging – Precision aerial imagery
    Stratus Imaging provide precision aerial imagery by mapping out your property using drones equipped with a calibrated sensor to provide sub 10cm resolution.
  • Ceres Imaging – Precision aerial imagery
    Ceres Imaging combine scientific grade remote sensing technology with machine learning to help growers and farms advisors understand their farms using aerial intelligence and analysis.
  • Wildeye – IoT devices
    Wildeye provide IOT devices and solutions that connect Decipher with sensors and meters including weather stations, rain gauges, soil moisture probes, water supply infrastructure and more.

View now > | Learn more about DecipherPlus

Decipher - Precision Agriculture - DecipherAg - Marketplace


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  • Are you an Ag Service provider/ Agronomist? Our Pro Partner solution has helped save clients up to $30,000. Learn more about Decipher Pro today and get started completely free!
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  • Check out Decipher’s Marketplace for additional features and services to get the most out of Decipher

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