See what’s new in Decipher 3.5 (February 2019)

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See what’s new in Decipher 3.5 (February 2019)

Hear from our Product Manager, Frank D’Emden to find out about Decipher’s 3.5 February Release.

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What’s New?

Marketplace is an online platform where users can purchase more features and services to help improve and tailor their Decipher experience.

  • Free users – Can read about all marketplace products and services, but can only purchase an item when they upgrade to a Plus subscription
  • Plus users – Active Plus users, can purchase products and services directly from the marketplace
  • Pro linked growers – Can read all about marketplace products and services, and will need to contact their pro partners who can purchase a service on their behalf
  • Pro’s – Can purchase a product or service from the Pro Dashboard – they do not have direct access to the marketplace

Yield cleaning request form

Decipher’s Yield Cleaning service processes inconsistent and patchy data, and smooths out and eliminates data issues, creating accurate yield data that you can rely on. Armed with clean yield data you can take the appropriate steps to improve and precisely target your variability.

  1. User can purchase the Yield Cleaning product from Decipher Marketplace
  2. The Decipher team will action the recalibration request
  3. The cleaned yield data will be uploaded directly into the users account and they will be notified via email

Package details for yield cleaning:
o $40 for 1 paddock of up to 100 ha
o $200 for up to 5 paddocks, max 500 ha
o $400 for up to 10 paddocks, max 1,000 ha
o $1000 for up to 25 paddocks, max 2,500 ha

Yield Data
Ability for authorised users (plus user with Marketplace add-on purchased) to upload zipped csv files for processing by PCT via Decipher. Successful processing results in Yield Raw file (geotiff) generated by PCT being ingested to GEE and visible to users on map. The following functionality is also delivered:

  • Ability to view geotiff/yield metadata including min, max, mean, SD, CoV, activity date and total tonne (when returned from PCT)
  • Consideration for historical paddock boundaries where nutrition plans were in place
  • Colourised yield density sliders customised to selected crop type for nominated farm/season
  • Ability to reassign crop type

Browser compatibility
Users who access Decipher on a non-supported browser, will receive a message within Decipher informing them that their experience may be degraded and suggest to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome. Supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Android WebView
  • Samsung internet
  • Edge
  • UC browser
  • Safari in app
  • Opera

Unlink Samples
This feature gives users the ability to unlink a sample record from a site/paddock. Once unlinked, the sample record becomes unlocated and is available for the user to assign to a different site/paddock via orphan record/unlinked user flow.


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