See what’s new in Decipher 3.8.1 & 1.4.5 (June 2019)

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See what’s new in Decipher 3.8.1 & 1.4.5 (June 2019)

What’s New in Decipher 3.8.1?

  • Create an observation, make notes and attach a picture in DecipherGO, and view observations back on the map in DecipherAg web app

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  • Ability to turn farm, paddock and site label view on and off
  • Ability to add and view notes when planning a sample for CSBP Laboratory
  • Ability to add and edit sample job notes in DecipherGO before submitting to CSBP Laboratory
  • Ability to export farm boundaries to KML or Shapefile

Pro Dashboard

  • Visual and IA improvements to better support management of client Decipher subscriptions

Pro Partner Dashboard - DecipherAg - Precision Agriculture Australia



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