A good practice guide to integrated mine closure

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A good practice guide to integrated mine closure

This guide provides ICMM members and other responsible mining companies with information on how to promote a disciplined approach to integrated closure planning; increasing good practice across the sector.

An approach that will result in:

  • Consistent and transparent engagement with stakeholders
  • Community participation in planning and implementing actions that underpin successful closure
  • Stakeholder support of closure decisions
  • Better management of closure throughout the mining life cycle
  • More accurate closure cost estimates
  • Early identification of risks and mitigation strategies
  • Progressive reduction of liabilities
  • A shared vision for the post-closure period
  • A better social transition for affected stakeholders as the mine moves from operations to closure
  • Opportunities for lasting benefits being recognised and planned for adequately


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Integrated mine closure is a dynamic and iterative process that considers environmental, social and economic concerns. Figure 2 (p11) illustrates the key elements of mine closure that aid practitioners in developing closure plans and carrying out activities in support of closure.

This guide has been divided into elements that define the iterative closure planning process. Within some of the elements there are easy to use tools to help companies implement the elements into their closure planning process.

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Originally published by ICMM.


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