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How to become an industry leader in mine rehabilitation and closure

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How to become an industry leader in mine rehabilitation and closure

How to become an industry leader in mine closure and rehabilitation

Decipher CEO, Anthony Walker believes mining companies can become leaders in mine rehabilitation and closure by driving progressive rehabilitation, following best practices, developing and implementing a mine closure plan before operations even commence, and involving stakeholders early on.


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Decipher’s Mine Closure and Rehabilitation Solution

Our solution empowers you with the data and knowledge to drive progressive mine rehabilitation


Decipher provides you with the data and insights to ensure you’re meeting your environmental obligations and compliance, but also provides the expertise and advice to have your company leading the way in progressive sustainability and rehabilitation.


Having grown out of the Industrials Division of Wesfarmers, we offer you best practice insights and lessons from the Agricultural industry as leaders in nutrition planning, creating management zones, and identifying and addressing variability which is today being used to shape mine site rehabilitation legislation and best practice approaches.


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