METS suppliers help solve current mine rehabilitation & closure problems

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METS suppliers help solve current mine rehabilitation & closure problems

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The IMARC METS Arena #LIVE is a monthly online event series, that connects miners, engineering companies and contractors with pre-qualified METS companies that have the capability to solve specific mining company problems or industry aggregated problems.

The series has presented multiple influential METS companies and important solutions to real and current problem statements from within our incredible industry.


Mine Closure & Rehabilitation in focus

This episode of IMARC METS Arena #LIVE focuses on Mine Closure & Rehabilitation, where industry leading METS providers including Decipher and GlassTerra, showcased their technologies capabilities in helping mining companies solve real and current closure and relinquishment challenges.

Research Director for CRC-TiME, Anna Littleboy opens the episode by discussing the importance of mine closure and rehabilitation and shares details about the new $100 million cooperative which is bringing 50 leading mining companies, government and research partners to help drive transformational change to enable regions and communities to transition to a prosperous and sustainable post mine future.

When discussing the important role that METS suppliers play in address key mine closure challenges, Dr Littleboy added:

“The importance of the data and evidence cannot be underestimated…that needs to come through in a number of different dimensions and the more we can do to integrate those data sets together so that anyone looking in can get a really good view not only of the technical aspects but also the mood of the relationship between the community and the mines, the better.”

“It’s great that both Decipher and Landlock are members of CRC-TiME… the kind of information that they can bring to the table is the information [and tools] that helps us to really begin to understand what do we know, what don’t we know and how do we then have a human conversation about what we don’t know”. ~ Anna Littleboy, Research Director for CRC-TiME


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Guest Speaker:

03:03 Anna Littleboy, Research Director, CRC TiME

Technical Advisor:

15:58 Colin McVie, Manager – Define (Corporate Consulting), Mining Plus


  • 12:19 Dr Kieren Moffat, Co-Founder and CEO, Voconiq
  • 20:40 Dr Rob Loch, Principal Consultant, Landloch
  • 29:26 Owen Cavanough, General Manager, RTL Mining and Earthworks
  • 38:57 Christian Larsen, CEO, Glass Terra Pty Ltd
  • 46:12 Anthony Walker, CEO, Decipher


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Armed with Decipher’s Rehabilitation & Closure solution, including GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools means you can easily capture and analyse a wide range of environmental monitoring data, manage risks and issues around put backfilling, rapid flooding, slope instability and acid generation, and ensure you’re meeting your environmental obligations and compliance with alerts and notifications of exceedances.

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