Mine tailings from the Kara Mine have entered into the Park River

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Mine tailings from the Kara Mine have entered into the Park River


Dissolved metals leaking from an open-cut mine in Tasmania’s North-West have been discharged into a river system that flows through Burnie.

“There is a low risk that the river water will have low levels of dissolved metals … and should not be used for drinking water until further notice,” the director for the Environment Protection Authority, Wes Ford said in a statement.

“This is expected to be for several days. The river will be discoloured with clay sediment as the discharge moves down Park River and will enter the Emu River, which flows through Burnie to Bass Strait.”

EPA officers were on site Saturday working with representatives from the mine operator collecting water samples.

The EPA said the discharge relates to a failure of a pipe transferring mine tailings to the tailings settlement dam.

“Work has been undertaken to repair the pipe today and the discharge has ceased,” it said.

The EPA will continue to investigate the incident.

Originally published by The Mercury.

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What is the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative?

Following the recent tailings dam failures, The Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative was established by a group of institutional investors active in the extractive industries representing more than $13.1 trillion in assets under management. Governed through a Steering Committee chaired by the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council of Ethics of the AP Funds, the group has called upon 727 extractive mining companies to disclose information in relation to their tailings storage facilities to form an online database.

How many companies have disclosed information about their TSFs?

As of the 20th of December 2019, 46 per cent of companies contacted responded to the request. 40 of the top 50 mining companies have made disclosures which has resulted in information about thousands of individual tailings dams being made public on company websites. All 23 of 23 publicly owned companies that are members of the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) responded and fully disclosed information about their TSFs.

How many tailings dams have had stability issues?

Company disclosures to investors have revealed that 10% (166 out of 1,635) of the tailings dams reported to have had stability issues in their history.

What tailings reporting and monitoring tools are available?

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– Access key data and information from multiple departments to take a holistic approach to your tailings reporting and monitoring
– Reduce the time spent and associated costs preparing reports by creating templates which extract relevant information in a particular format, such as the Church of England report
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– A Single Sign-On (SSO) integration also ensures that users are managed more easily

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