Hear from Professor Elaine Baker, the driving force behind the Global Tailings Database, and Decipher CEO, Anthony Walker on the Initiative and what this means for your company

2019 witnessed the devastating failure of Brazil’s Brumadinho’s tailing dam which took 250 people’s lives.

Just two days after the tragic event, a group of investors co-led by the Church of England Pensions Board and the United Nations Environment Program announced the Investor Mining and Tailings Initiative, and called upon 727 extractive mining companies to make disclosures about their tailings storage facilities to form an independent global database.

Your company may have been one of them.

Watch this FREE webinar hosted by Decipher to hear from Professor Elaine Baker, the driving force behind the Global Tailings Database, and Anthony Walker, CEO of Decipher (Wesfarmers).

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative and what this means for your company
  • Find out how you can prepare for the next round of questions
  • Get insights into the upcoming Global Standards
  • Find out how you can ensure you remain compliant
  • Learn how to become an industry leader by driving progressive tailings reporting and monitoring

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Meet your presenters

Professor Elaine Baker
Director of GRID-Arendal (Sydney Office)

Elaine has been helping manage the UN Environment stakeholder forum on mine tailings safety, and has been the driving force behind the Global Tailings Database.

In collaboration with the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative, the Global Tailings Database was built and hosted by GRID-Arendal. Elaine is the director of the GRID-Arendal (University of Sydney office).

Anthony Walker
CEO, Decipher

Anthony’s strong background in the mining and resources industry combined with a passion for developing software and GIS solutions has seen him regenerate Decipher’s agriculture software solution and apply this to the mining industry.

Decipher’s new solutions are now helping mining companies drive progressive tailings reporting and monitoring, and ensure compliance by providing them with key information and insights around their facilities.

What is the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative?

A global inquiry led by a group of investors, the Church of England (CoE) Pensions Board and the Swedish Council of Ethics of the AP Funds, was launched after the collapse of a Vale dam in January 2019.

The major investors, who manage assets worth a combined USD $13.5 trillion, have made a number of interventions including a call for a new international standard for tailings dams, and called upon 727 companies from extractive industries to disclose information about their tailings dams to form an independent global database.

As of the 20th of December 2019:

  • 395 companies had not responded (54%)
  • 332 companies responded (46%)
    • 40 of the top 50 largest mining companies in the world responded
    • 23 out of 23 publicly listed members of the International Council of Mining & Metals responded and publicly disclosed
  • 187 confirmed they did not have tailings facilities (26%)
  • 145 confirmed they did have tailings facilities

What has this meant for mining companies?

This presented mining companies with a massive challenge of assembling data-sets that were often large, complex and stored in several locations, or even lost with staff turnover.

One company estimated that it took one person (per site), six weeks to collect and prepare the data.

Tailings reporting and monitoring made easy

The Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative may have recently requested Tailings data from your company. This is often difficult to extract, time consuming and challenging to release. Decipher’s lightweight Tailings Storage Facilities platform is here to help provide the necessary data whilst significantly increasing efficiency and time savings.

Tailings Storage Facility monitoring - Decipher - Software -


Lightweight database of key data including TSF, actions, stakeholders and compliance


InSAR, chemistry, satellite imagery, water quality and quantity


Lidar, radar, IoT

Working with COE to facilitate automatic updates to their database based on changes in yours, with approvals
Configure any type of attribute data against mine features such as water storage and tailings
Cluster data into key areas such as safety, risk, compliance, construction, design, roles and responsibilities
Meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as COE, ICMM, UNEP, PRI, Global Tailings Review and more
Upload and reference key documentation
Spatial visualisation to display tailings dams in proximity to surrounding environment and communities
Action and task delegatation for data collection with reminder and escalation notifications
Register of all actions and their respective statuses to monitor progress across the board
View dam data across multiple sites in a single screen with the ability to easily export for reporting
Control who can access and edit data including flagging highly sensitive records for select users only
Integration capability with third party systems or public portals
Audit trail on tailings attribute data and actions
Configurable fields
Support and service level agreements
Secure, hassle free hosting by Decipher using Azure with regular cybersecurity testing

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