Decipher’s seamless, georeferenced soil and plant sampling process allows you to easily plan and assign sampling jobs, collect samples, submit to a laboratory, and view the results on the map. 

Sampling as simple as 1, 2, 3

DecipherGo - Sampling Step 1

1. Plan the job

Easily plan and assign sample job by selecting the sample sites by biomass, zones and other data layers.

DecipherGo - Sampling Step 2

2. Collect samples

Using the DecipherAg Mobile app, simply navigate to the sample site, collect, scan the bag and send the samples to the lab.

DecipherGo - Sampling Step 3

3. Analyse results

The sample results will be overlaid on your Decipher map, allowing you to quickly see and compare nutrient levels across your sites and paddocks.

Samples on the go
Collect single or multisite samples from geo-referenced sites
Make observations with ease
Create observations, make notes and attach images on the go
Syncs directly with the web app
Receive information direct from the web app and similarly push data back
View boundaries
See farm and paddock boundaries
DecipherAg - Sample smarter

Explore the full capability of precision agriculture with DecipherAg

The DecipherAg Mobile app works directly with DecipherAg so that sampling data captured with the app can be put to use in nutrition plans and analysis.

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