DecipherWaste gives users the power to track and monitor waste management activities, illegal waste disposal and be alerted to non-compliances almost immediately.

The illegal disposal of waste is a serious community, environmental, health and financial issue. Illegal waste is a major pollutant which directly causes land degradation, impacts the air quality and has significant detrimental effects on fauna, flora, groundwater, soil quality and nearby water supplies.

These pollutants can impact human health directly. By coming into contact with certain types of waste people are at risk of many adverse health effects including kidney and lung damage right through to a risk of fatality.

Illegal dumping also has impacts for land owners who could be breaking the law by knowingly or unknowingly allowing waste to be dumped on their property without the necessary approvals, licence or permit.

Clean-up costs can easily range between thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars which can be passed on to landowners and tax payers therefore impacting entire communities.

Key waste disposal and levy figures in Australia

  • Licensed landfills across Australia receive approximately 21 million tonnes of waste each year
  • This figure is increasing by 4.5% per annum due to increasing population and income per capita
  • Waste in landfills costs approximately $41- $102 per tonne to manage
  • Illegal landfill in Australia is costing approximately $670 per tonne to manage which is more six times more expensive than legal landfill management
  • Illegal waste impacts local economies by decreasing real estate values, reducing returns of tourism operations and incurring high cost remediation activities consuming approximately 30 per cent of local governments’ budgets
  • 6,000 tonnes of waste was illegally disposed of in Queensland in 2018
  • It cost the Queensland government $18,400,000 to manage illegal disposal in 2018

Landfill Levy ($/t) by Australian State (2016-17)

Until now, enforcing and monitoring correct disposal of waste has been increasingly challenging for the government for the following reasons:


Geographical spread and isolation of disposal locations makes it difficult and expensive to patrol on a regular basis.

Surveillance Equipment

The use of surveillance equipment carries a high setup and operational cost. This technology can also be impacted by weather, physical obstruction and connectivity.

Expensive Alternatives

Previous surveillance methods such as aerial photography and satellite imagery are often expensive and limited by spectral bands, making it difficult to distinguish between the earth’s natural terrain, waste and other biomass

DecipherWaste solves these challenges by providing users with an easy to use interface, and detailed mapping rendering that is powered by award winning technology and advanced algorithm applications.

Calculate transport costs

Provides the ability to accurately calculate transport costs between dumping sites and local waste facilities

Infrastructure effectiveness

Identify hot spots for illegal waste disposal to measure the effectiveness of infrastructure such as barriers, surveillance monitoring, patrol vehicles and signage in order to maximise the impact of these investments

Encourage environmental behaviour

Provide accurate data and insights to inform and optimise community marketing efforts to encourage sustainable waste disposal behaviours

Maximise effectiveness

Quickly conduct compliance assessments and reporting requirements, efficiently plan waste management operations and reduce the overall negative impact of illegal waste disposal through these combined outputs.

DecipherWaste - Earth Obs Peak

Detect impacts of illegal waste disposal 

Our Earth Observation Algorithms allow you to automatically detect the impacts of illegal waste disposal along linear assets on the peri-urban fringes of major cities.

Monitor illegal waste dump sites

Our technology uses the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Red Edge biomass imagery to automatically detect and characterise illegal waste dump sites on a yearly basis.

DecipherWaste - Red Edge - NDVI - Landfill - Waste Management
DecipherWaste - Automatically Detect Illegal Dumping - Australia

Automatically detect hot spots and broad waste types

Pick hot spots for illegal dump sites through advanced satellite imagery and associated algorithms and broadly characterise waste type using our Analysis+ tool.

Key Features of DecipherWaste

Automatically detects and characterises illegal waste dump sites through Biomass (NDVI) and Red Edge (NDRE) satellite indices
Track and manage remote offset properties and compare waste disposal against other sites and marked areas
Harness our data clustering algorithm to create management zones across dump sites and waste management areas
Create and manage your own dump sites, domains and monitoring points
Capture a wide range of environmental monitoring data and key quality indicators including water, air, noise, vibration, soil and more
Analyse real-time environmental monitoring data in conjunction with satellite indices
Maintain and track compliance limits and any exceedances
Add notes and annotations to the map to make data more meaningful

Supported by mobile

Cloud technology

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Award winning imagery

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