One-stop-shop for mine rehabilitation 

Take an integrated approach to mine rehabilitation, certification and compliance thanks to the centralisation of data and information in DecipherGreen. Go one step further by accessing our Pro Partner consulting services to drive your monitoring, compliance and improvement.

Built from decades of knowledge, experience and expertise

Born out of Wesfarmers, DecipherGreen offers you best practice insights and lessons from the Agricultural industry as leaders in nutrition planning, management zones and variability which is today being used to shape mine rehabilitation legislation and guidelines.

Watch: See how mining and agriculture are coming together to impact positive land rehabilitation in this video by the Minerals Council of Australia

Mine rehabilitation and closure planning over the course of a mine life cycle

Mine rehabilitation and closure planning over the course of a mine life cycle - DecipherGreen - Decipher
One source of truth for your team

Reduce confusion, human error, inefficiencies and reporting by providing internal stakeholders with single source of truth for managing rehabilitation and relinquishment. Access key data and information from multiple in-house departments and laboratories to take a holistic approach to mine rehabilitation.

Progressive mine rehabilitation 

Mine rehabilitation legislation already exists in Australia and more states and territories looking to implement similar measures in 2019. DecipherGreen not only ensures you are regulator and inspection ready, but provides the tools to support a progressive rehabilitation and relinquishment strategy to position you as an industry leader.

Monitor and manage your own mine rehabilitation

DecipherGreen provides your team with the tools, data and information to securely and collaboratively monitor your rehabilitation efforts saving you significant time and money by otherwise outsourcing this to multiple vendors.

Mitigate risk associated with the new financial assurance scheme 

Mining houses are required to undertake an annual assessment of a mine’s rehabilitation liability to determine the appropriate level of contribution to the rehabilitation fund. DecipherGreen provides your company with the tools to demonstrate progress and rehabilitation achievements thus reducing operating costs and liabilities.

Data backed proof to support rehabilitation and sustainability efforts

Remove bias and make data-backed decisions and actions to deliver results faster. Use DecipherGreen as a validation and proofing tool to satisfy rehabilitation requirements to be able to successfully transfer tenement ownership and responsibilities back to the government.

Improve your environmental sustainability and bottom line

Not only does DecipherGreen help you operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner but it also benefits your bottom line. Minimise the risk of fines and enhance your reputation, media relations and social license to operate to win more business and boost revenue.

Mine rehabilitation, environmental management and consultation in the one place

Work with our Pro Partner, Greencap, to expedite your rehabilitation program through data driven insights, best practice and recommendations all of which can be tracked and monitored through DecipherGreen

Baseline assessments
Implementation and management of long-term monitoring programs
Groundwater, surface water, noise, dust and flora and fauna monitoring
Data and trend analysis of monitoring programs
Licence applications and amendments
Statutory reporting
EMS compliance
Community consultation and land access
GIS services
Remote sensing
A scientific, technical and remote sensing team working as one
Assessment of multiple metrics on a single platform e.g. biomass, water, soil, landforms, imagery
A centralised, web-based system hosted by the DecipherGreen team ensures minimal IT overhead and ease of support and maintenance of a continuously evolving product
Higher integrity and frequency of data;
An improved knowledge base where all information for each feature/closure domain can be stored centrally within Australia on the confidential and secure Microsoft Azure platform, and act as a repository for historical information, thus enabling a more detailed analysis of potential data gaps
More focused task management where tasks can be identified to close knowledge gaps and undertake specific rehabilitation, closure and decommissioning activities
Data security and permissions-based access that ensures an individual User’s data is kept confidential and secure
Comparisons to pre-mining site conditions and/or selected biodiversity /control sites (as required)
Central repository for historical information, therefore providing a single source of truth and reducing corporate memory loss due to staff turnover
Visualisation of trends against expected or predicted rehabilitation performance based on statistically robust data
Providing early intervention and contingency strategies if key environmental indicators move outside regulatory agreed parameters
Reduction in cost of doing business

Become a Decipher Pro Partner

Become a Pro Partner to extend your capabilities and service offering to your clients through DecipherGreen to increase revenue and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Celine Mangan
Regional Practice Manager (WA), Greencap
Celine is a senior mine closure specialist with DecipherGreen with over 10 years’ experience in the environmental industry working on a range of mining projects throughout Australia and internationally, specialising in mine rehabilitation. Celine has extensive experience in mine rehabilitation planning. Since the inception of the Western Australian Mine Closure Plan (MCP) guidelines she has completed over 30 MCPs for a range of large and small mining companies, all of which have been ultimately accepted by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

With a background in geophysics, Celine previously developed an innovative rehabilitation monitoring approach for mine rehabilitation using LiDAR and surface flow and erosion modelling software. This improved understanding enables the regulators to more rapidly evaluate rehabilitation performance and function so that critical decisions regarding the longevity and rehabilitation of a site can be made. Celine has presented her novel work on mine rehabilitation to the Western Australia regulators at their annual internal learning forums, at numerous conferences throughout Australia and internationally at the International Mine Closure Conference. Celine has also participated in working groups with regulators to establish existing rehabilitation guidelines around rehabilitation and rehabilitation goals, with reference to the development, setting and monitoring of completion criteria.

Zoe Strange
Environmental Systems Specialist - Decipher
Zoe is a Product Manager with DecipherGreen and has over 10 years of experience working within software and consulting businesses, specialising in large enterprise data management systems and services with a particular focus on environment, health, safety, management of change, community, risk and compliance.

Throughout this time, Zoe has worked with a variety of stakeholders to design, launch and evolve a number of largescale software products designed to support thousands of users and that are still in use to this day. She has also managed a large number and variety of often complex software implementation projects across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia for a range of industries, predominantly within mining, but also across government, construction and agriculture.

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