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Why Decipher?

Decipher’s cloud platform is the most functionally rich solution available, bringing all you need into one platform, to enable you to enhance governance, monitoring, compliance, safety and cost savings — backed by an experienced implementation and support team that helps you grow.

With Decipher’s platform, you’ll be able to …

Demonstrate your proactive monitoring program to regulators
Highlight your ESG to stakeholders
Enhance your social license to operate
Showcase your safety and risk mitigation to insurers to potentially reduce insurance premiums
Integrate data collection and sources and visualise information to take action
View real time data to reduce site visits and operate remotely particularly during times like COVID
Improve compliance and meet industry requests such as the tailings disclosure by submitting data with the click of a button
Configure the system to remain flexible and adaptable at all times

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Rio Tinto - Case Study - Decipher Perth - Tailings Storage Facilities

Jon Lapwood, Principal Advisor, Geotechnical Engineering Growth and Innovation

“The Decipher product had a number of features that we were looking for already available through their existing modules. On top of this, the Decipher team showed a keen willingness to work through all of our requirements and develop the additional features we needed. A fully functional MVP based on a subset of Decipher modules was provided within the project timeframe.”
K2fly acquires Decipher to expand Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance Solutions
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