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Soil sampling

Conduct soil sampling to determine the current nutrient status of the soil and residual carryover so you know exactly what your paddocks need to optimise your fertiliser applications. Fertiliser applications can make up to 30% of farm expenditure so it’s important to follow the 4R’s (right rate, right time, right location and right product).


Knowing the optimal seeding rate for the highest and lowest yielding areas of your paddocks can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Using historical biomass imagery or your yield data, you can identify and address those areas by creating management zones and prescription files for variable rate seeding.


Unlock your yield data and start comparing your crops performance.


Based on your soil results, you can start to plan your crop and nutrition plans. Our Plans feature enables you to store all of your nutrition requirements in the one place, making logistic planning easier.


Keep a close eye on your paddocks by identifying and addressing variability at every stage of the growing season. Using Decipher’s actionable solutions including Scout, Sample and Management Zones you can ground-truth those areas and precisely address the variability.

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