One-stop-shop for mine rehabilitation 

Take an integrated and progressive approach to mine rehabilitation with all of your data and information centralised on the one platform, enabling you to track your environmental obligations and ensure compliance. Go one step further by accessing our Pro Partner consulting services to drive your monitoring, compliance and improvement.

Built from decades of knowledge, experience and expertise

Born out of Wesfarmers, DecipherGreen offers you best practice insights and lessons from the Agricultural industry as leaders in nutrition planning, management zones and identifying and addressing variability which is today being used to shape mine rehabilitation legislation and guidelines.

Mine rehabilitation and closure planning over the course of a mine life cycle

Mine rehabilitation and closure planning over the course of a mine life cycle - DecipherGreen - Decipher
One source of truth for your team

Reduce confusion, human error, inefficiencies and reporting by providing internal stakeholders with single source of truth for managing rehabilitation and relinquishment. Access key data and information from multiple in-house departments and laboratories to take a holistic approach to mine rehabilitation.

Progressive mine rehabilitation 

Mine rehabilitation legislation already exists in Australia and more states and territories looking to implement similar measures in 2019. DecipherGreen not only enables you to monitor your environmental obligations and ensures you are regulator and inspection ready, but provides the tools to support a progressive rehabilitation and relinquishment strategy to position you as an industry leader.

Monitor and manage your own mine rehabilitation

DecipherGreen provides your team with the tools, data and information to securely and collaboratively monitor your rehabilitation efforts saving you significant time and money by otherwise outsourcing this to multiple vendors.

Mitigate risk associated with the new financial assurance scheme 

Mining houses are required to undertake an annual assessment of a mine’s rehabilitation liability to determine the appropriate level of contribution to the rehabilitation fund. DecipherGreen provides your company with the tools to demonstrate progress and rehabilitation achievements thus reducing operating costs and liabilities.

Data backed proof to support rehabilitation and sustainability efforts

Remove bias and make data-backed decisions and actions to deliver results faster. Use DecipherGreen as a validation and proofing tool to satisfy rehabilitation requirements to be able to successfully transfer tenement ownership and responsibilities back to the government.

Improve your environmental sustainability and bottom line

Not only does DecipherGreen help you operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner but it also benefits your bottom line. Minimise the risk of fines and enhance your reputation, media relations and social license to operate to win more business and boost revenue.

Mine rehabilitation, environmental management and consultation in the one place

Work with our Pro Partner, Greencap, to expedite your rehabilitation program through data driven insights, best practice and recommendations all of which can be tracked and monitored through DecipherGreen

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