Our solution empowers you with the data and knowledge to drive progressive mine rehabilitation

Decipher provides you with the data and insights to ensure you’re meeting your environmental obligations and compliance, but also provides the expertise and advice to have your company leading the way in progressive sustainability and rehabilitation.

Having grown out of the Industrials division of Wesfarmers, we offer you best practice insights and lessons from the Agricultural industry as leaders in nutrition planning, management zones and variability which is today being used to shape mine rehabilitation legislation and guidelines.

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Included modules

DecipherGreen - NDVI

Regtech, agtech and mining tech in one

Decipher brings together functionality and capability across regulatory reporting, agricultural technology and mining technology into one central platform to allow our customers to focus on compliance, best practice and progressive rehabilitation. The DecipherGreen platform is backed by a wealth of experience within the agricultural sector aimed at optimizing agricultural performance and efficiency.

  • The tool assists in harnessing key precision agricultural topics such as nutrition planning and applying them for successful environmental rehabilitation
  • Vegetation performance and health visualisation and analysis
  • Monitoring of environmental performance for improved land management and cost savings
  • Establishing toolsets for compliance management and reporting for mining
  • Enhance productivity of rehabilitated agricultural land

Satellite derived earth observation data and analysis tools

Decipher’s world-class satellite imagery tools assist users with visualising vegetation performance and health via indices such as Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Normalised Difference Red Edge (NDRE).

  • Imagery sourced from multiple satellites including Sentinel & Landsat
  • Imagery resolution of 10m out of the box; sub-meter resolution can be easily added to your solution at the click of a button
  • Gain frequent insight into plant performance through annual, monthly or daily satellite imagery and user-defined dates
  • Display satellite indices globally, within a selected project, within an area or domain
  • Configure plant density colour schemes and values
  • Cloud cover percentage insights with an adjustable cloud masking tool
  • Availability of Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and Peak (SD + HD) biomass and red edge imagery out of the box
  • Export imagery and key derived graphs for external use and reporting requirements
DecipherGreen - Satellite derived earth observation data and analysis tools
DecipherGreen - Zones

Identify variability with management zones

Utilise our smart, machine learning clustering algorithm to generate zone maps from biomass (NDVI) or red edge (NDRE) indices.

  • Define earth observation parameters for use in a management zone map
  • Generate prescription files and specify the number of zones required
  • Configure zone opacity, name and colour
  • Store prescription files and share with your machinery for precision fertilizer application

Understand your environment and constraints

Decipher has designed a simple, structured and flexible way for users to configure and load a wide range of environmental monitoring data for use in a number of ways including trending and analysis but also for nutrient planning.

  • Establish monitoring programs in line with compliance requirements and track performance of environmental indicators against rehabilitation
  • Understanding the environment, particularly soils and water, helps to determine what nutrient applications will work and what plant mixes and species will thrive on your project
  • Load project monitoring points, parameters and compliance limits
  • Visualisation of monitoring data on the map, in charts or in tables
  • Export data for external use and additional analysis
DecipherGreen - Environmental Monitoring

Remove subjectivity from rehabilitation planning and decisions

Decipher provides users with an ability to visualise satellite derived earth observation data in conjunction with project-specific environmental monitoring data. Utilising scientific data and analysis tools helps users to understand their environment and constraints to drive informed rehabilitation decisions and planning.

  • Award winning satellite imagery with an evolving number of derived indices
  • Access historical monitoring data and plot on a map in conjunction with Biomass and Red Edge data
  • Trend parameter data in charts and tables against monitoring points
  • Track key environmental performance indicators against rehabilitation objectives

Better planning and nutritional insights

Creating and managing plant and nutrition plans across a project helps users to make better decisions on product and species and drive cost efficiencies.

  • Visualise inputs across project areas and domains
  • Create, edit and share plans with others
  • Select from a list of plants within your project
  • Configure fertiliser products

Personalised mapping

Map annotation and map file import tools allows users to configure their map to suit their project.

  • Annotation tool to draw pins, lines and shapes on the map
  • Label, comment and colour map data that can be turned on and off as part of any map search
  • Shapefiles, KML and KMZ files can be imported and viewed as layers on your map
  • Manage a library of map files in personalised folders

Key features of our Mine Rehabilitation and Closure solution

Monitor vegetation health and performance through satellite indices such as Biomass (NDVI) and Red Edge (NDRE)
Track and manage remote offset properties and compare vegetation performance against other domains
Harness our data clustering algorithm to create management zones across project areas
Create nutrition plans, application and requirements for rehabilitation domains
Create and manage your own project boundaries, areas and/or domains and monitoring points
Capture a wide range of environmental monitoring data and indicators such as water, air, noise, vibration, soil and more
Analyse real-time environmental monitoring data in conjunction with satellite indices
Maintain and track environmental monitoring compliance limits and any exceedances
Add notes and annotations to the map to make data more meaningful

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Award winning imagery