Unlock our powerful world-class and award winning Red Edge (NDRE) satellite imagery to improve your understanding and decision making around your land

Unlock our powerful Red Edge (NDRE) imagery to gain better insight into permanent or later stage crops, and improve your management applications throughout the season.

NDVI is a great general indicator of crop health, however it isn’t perfect for all crops or for all growth stages as it can saturate at values between 0.8 – 0.9.

Decipher’s NDRE imagery provides a more accurate solution which is able to detect variations in the health of cereal crops in their later stages, high biomass crops (including sugar cane), and permanent tree crops.

NDRE uses the Red Edge part of the spectrum to detect changes in chlorophyll content, making it easier to identify variability where NDVI would usually become saturated.

View the Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE) across a daily, monthly and seasonal basis

See which days have high definition (HD) versus standard definition (HD) satellite imagery as well as the percentage of cloud cover for greater accuracy

Create zone maps based on NDRE to better improve your management applications throughout the season

Compare biomass by years and seasons or by location by selecting multiple points on your map to compare

NDVI v NDRE - Decipher - Precision Agriculture (Ag)

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