See your land like never before with Decipher's world-class satellite imagery.

Decipher’s world-class satellite NDVI and NDRE imagery provides up to 10m of high definition views to help you visualise what’s happening on the land. See levels of plant growth across your farm and paddocks with 10m daily, monthly and seasonal NDVI imagery, allowing you to identify issues or seasonal impacts quickly.

We do the work for you by merging imagery from multiple satellites to give you the best representation of the healthiest picture of the crop, removing the noise of cloud cover, emergence dates, maturity and nutrition application. Decipher’s easy to analyse charts also allow you to compare like-to-like performance across months and years with peak imagery, and monitor trends and changes month-on-month, enabling you to make more informed decisions from better nutritional insights.

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Selected frequencies

View the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) across a daily, monthly and seasonal basis

See daily cloud cover

See which days have high definition (HD) versus standard definition (HD) satellite imagery as well as the percentage of cloud cover for greater accuracy

Create zone maps

Export imagery from your map and create zone maps to be used in our “Zones” feature to manage variability and create prescription files

Compare biomass

Compare biomass by years and seasons or by location by selecting multiple points on your map to compare

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