Make observations with ease.

Decipher’s Scout feature is a simple and efficient way for you to collect information, and address limitations in paddock by investigating and documenting weeds, diseases, pests and other stresses:

  • Using DecipherAg Mobile, you can create an observation, make notes and attach images
    • Easily capture the location, date, category, summary and a description of the observation
  • You can then view the observations back on the map in the web-app to action your findings
Decipher - Scouting - Version 4

See Decipher's Scouting and Observations feature in action

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Direct from the field

Take photos and observations of weeds, pests, diseases, sampling and more directly from your phone

View grouped observations

Using the web app, see how many observations were taken on the same day and view these in a gallery


See the exact location on the map where the observations were first reported

Web and mobile

Use either the mobile app or the web app to view and edit observations and categorise them accordingly

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