With Decipher's Tenements module, you can easily capture and visualise tenement information and obligations.

Mining Titles and Tenements are often accompanied by a large volume of prescriptive conditions and actions that must be complied with.

Decipher’s Tenements module provides a central, online platform designed to capture important tenement information and easily visualise and manage key deliverables. Against tenement profiles, you can access and manage a historical trail of conditions, actions and a running application/status history of the lifecycle of a single tenement.

Tenements are interlinked closely with other project obligations (such as licences, permits, approvals) and together form an obligations and tenements register.

Tenement Management Mining Software - Mine Rehabilitation Relinquishment - Australia

Maintain a central library of all mining permits, titles and tenement related conditions, their compliance status, category and risk across all projects.

Import tenement boundaries and plot tenement related points, lines and polygons onto the Decipher map.

Assign tenement related actions to accountable team members and incorporate a second layer of approval and escalation of overdue actions, all with associated and automatic notifications.

Import and export tenement boundaries as shape files in the mapping import tool. Import and export tenement conditions and action details in Excel.

Exchange information to and from external tenement data sources and systems such as state mineral databases, action management, safety solutions and more.

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