With Decipher's Weather module, you can easily manage the impact of weather on daily operations, plot blast fumes and impact zones, and notify stakeholders.

Weather directly affects projects and presents a number of hazards to operations, including how and when operations are scheduled.

Armed with weather data and forecasts, you can make informed decisions to manage the daily operations of projects and anticipate any potential impact that the weather may have on nearby stakeholders, the environment or workforce.

One major activity that is largely dependent on ideal weather conditions is blasting related activity, which requires specific weather conditions to minimise the impact following a blast event.

Decipher’s Weather module enables you to view global, live weather and forecasts, plot blast fumes and impact zones, and notify stakeholders.

Weather and Blasts - Mine Rehabilitation Relinquishment - Australia

Global, live weather data across windspeed, temperature, UV, clouds and precipitation with forecasts available in daily or hourly formats.

In conjunction with the global weather forecasts, users can plot blast fumes and impact zones to determine the best day and time to conduct a blast to ensure minimal impact.

Once a blast fume has been plotted and scheduled, users can generate an email notification from the map to issue to key stakeholders with a snapshot of the fume.

IBM weather imagery layers are displayed on the Decipher map in an interactive and live fashion. When generating a blast fume, these are also plotted on the map in conjunciton with weather.

Utilising the world’s most accurate weather data with industry-leading AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics technologies.

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