Get accurate yield data you can rely on.

In order to get a clear and accurate picture of what has actually happened with your crop, you need clean and reliable yield data. Yield data straight off the monitor might be imperfect due to a number of reasons, such as your machinery isn’t properly calibrated, signal and grain flow delays, or start and end pass delays.

Decipher’s Yield Cleaning service processes the inconsistent and patchy data, and smooths out and realigns the data points, creating accurate yield data and images that you can rely on. Armed with clean yield data you can take the appropriate steps to improve and precisely target your variability (including creating zones and prescription files for variable rate).

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Work with accurate data

Our professional team will smooth out and realign your data to ensure your yield data and images are accurate

Better address variability

Automatically create zones based on the different areas of biomass identified

Editing tools

Use this cleaned yield data to create zones and prescription files for variable rate application

All managed for you

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