Providing growers and agronomists with the data, knowledge and tools to optimise yield and return-on-investment

Used by growers to manage testing and analyse results and used by agronomists to consult growers with data driven recommendations. Decipher’s powerful biomass mapping is powered by Google Earth Engine, a world-class tool that uses satellite images, geospatial data and global-scale processing to bring you reliable vegetation analysis in seconds.

Popular Modules in DecipherAg

Decipher - Precision Agriculture tool - Farming Software

See. Know. Grow.

  • Visualise your data and variability by seeing what is happening on your land.
  • Take the guesswork out of planning by analysing data and nutritional insights to identify high and low performing areas.
  • Make informed crop and nutrition plans which precisely target those areas and address the variability. Our actionable solutions then allow you to precisely treat those areas by selecting representative sample sites, and creating prescription maps for fertiliser applications.

Make informed decisions from better nutritional insights 

Compare like-for-like performance across months and years with peak imagery, and monitor trends and changes month-on-month with straightforward charting to make informed decisions from better nutritional insights.

Take planning to the next level

Easily store all of your nutrition requirements in the one place, making logistic planning easier. Our plans tool allows you to visualise, create, manage, and collaborate on your crop and nutrition plans to put into action on your farm. Used with our biomass imagery, you can easily compare in-season growth against planned crop and product applications.

DecipherAg - Take planning to the next level
DecipherAg - Award winning satellite imagery

Award winning satellite imagery

Decipher’s world-class satellite imagery provides up to 10m of high definition normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) views to help you visualise what’s happening on the land.

  • View 10m per pixel biomass imagery
  • View daily (available scene by scene that is captured on any given day), monthly and seasonal imagery to see more frequent tracking of plant growth and identify issues or seasonal impacts quicker
  • Upload farm boundaries and clip imagery to a farm or paddock
  • Compare biomass by location and season
  • Analyse biomass charting for the current and past three years
  • Export biomass colour imagery

Make observations

With our new Scout feature (previously Observations), you can easily address limitations in the paddock by investigating nutrients, and documenting weeds, diseases, pests and other stresses:  

  • Using DecipherAg Mobile or the web-app, you can create an observation, make notes and attach images
  • Easily capture the location, date, category (e.g. weeds), summary and a description of the observation
  • You can then edit and view the observations back on the map in the web-app to action your findings
  • Your observations will be grouped by date in the left-hand panel with a corresponding icon on the map to show where the observation took place

Please note: Scouting is only available for your Decipher Plus customers. 

Decipher - Scouting - Version 4
DecipherAg - Address variability with Management Zones

Address variability with Management Zones

There are many variables within a single paddock, therefore blanket treating them might not be very effective. Our Management Zones tool offers a solution by clustering similar areas of biomass within a paddock together, enabling you to precisely identify high and low performing areas, and treat them accordingly.

  • Create zones off daily, monthly or seasonal imagery and select from two to five zones
  • Make their sample program more representative by creating zones to assist with selecting sample locations
  • View and manage zones
  • Use zones to create fertiliser application plans by exporting prescription maps to put into machines for in-field application
  • Zones and prescription maps will be retained and saved in Decipher

Current and forecast weather

This new feature will allow you to apply current and forecasted weather layers to your map to see how your location and plans may be affected. Layers include:

  • Dew point
  • Feels like
  • Precipitation 24 hours
  • Satellite
  • Satellite & radar
  • Temperature
  • Radar
  • UV
  • Wind speed
DecipherAg - Sample smarter

Sample smarter

Get nutritional insights from the ground up with Decipher’s seamless geo-referenced soil and plant sampling process.

  • Select representative sample sites using biomass imagery and management zones
  • Plan and assign sampling jobs
  • Conduct the samples using our free DecipherAg Mobile app
  • Collect samples and submit jobs to any laboratory
  • View the results on the Decipher map
  • Upload historical sample data

Key Features

Visualise biomass
Monitor trends and changes through imagery insights
Assign sampling jobs
View sampling results on your own paddock map
Create management zones for your paddock through our data clustering algorithm
Draw farm boundaries to define arable and non-arable areas
Create prescription maps (DecipherAg Plus users only)
Export maps from DecipherAg into your machinery for variable rate applications
Create, manage and collaborate on crop and nutrition plans
Compare in-season growth with planned crop
Upload, overlay and view KML and KMZ files as layers on your map
Track changes to your land by adding notes to identify observations
Collect and host sampling data from labs and DecipherAg Mobile

Supported by mobile

Cloud technology

Plans to suit

Award winning imagery

Decipher lets us see our farm through a different lens and visualise our current and historical farm data that would otherwise be lost in spreadsheets and documents. The insights that it has really helped us to make informed decisions on applications.

Lachlan Brown