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Jon Lapwood, Principal Advisor, Geotechnical Engineering Growth and Innovation

“The Decipher product had a number of features that we were looking for already available through their existing modules. On top of this, the Decipher team showed a keen willingness to work through all of our requirements and develop the additional features we needed. A fully functional MVP based on a subset of Decipher modules was provided within the project timeframe.”
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Wesfarmers backed

As a fully owned Wesfarmers business, we have depth and stability to ensure we continue to deliver high quality solutions for our customers.

Effective partnerships

Partnering with industry leading organisations to deliver data, content and governance around our solutions.

Data optimisation

Bringing together internal and external data into one central platform to enable efficiencies, accuracy and improved decision making.

End-to-end governance

Providing the full end-to-end solution and governance to know what data is being presented to who.

Key integrations

Integrating with Microsoft Azure toolsets, Google Earth Engine, GlassTerra, ArcGIS and The Weather Company to streamline processes and present data to stakeholders.

Take action with centralised data

Decipher not only captures and stores data from drones, remote sensing, satellites, spreadsheets and systems but allows you to visualise it and assign corrective and follow-up actions from the one platform.

Functionally rich

Use one or multiple of our 15 modules to extend your capability, visualisation and management in the cloud.

Industry and reporting aligned

Create corporate report templates and meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI, and UNEP.

Team collaboration

Bring together the knowledge, skills and capabilities across multiple teams in the one platform to ensure you’re using the best data and making the right decisions.

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K2fly acquires Decipher to expand Technical Assurance, Resource & Mineral Governance Solutions
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