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6 Types of Tailings Storage Facility - Decipher

6 Types of Tailings Storage Facilities

The mining industry generally agrees that one area where mining firms need to focus on is the management of tailings storage facilities. Check out the 6 types of TSFs here.
Tailings Storage Facility - Guide to Standard - Decipher Perth Australia

Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Are you up to date with the new global industry standard on Tailings Management? We've put together this FREE easy-to-follow guide which explains the standard, events leading up to the release, implications for mining operators and a simple compliance checklist.
Tailings Dam Failures Global - Decipher Wesfarmers Platform

Guide to 57 Tailings Disasters since 2000

This comprehensive guide looks at the major tailings dam failures globally over the past 20 years. Tailings are the waste materials created as part of the Mining and Refining process and they are stored in large embankments (Tailings Storage Facilities). They pose significant risk to communities, stakeholders and social license to operate if not property monitored and managed with proactive measures in place.
Mine Rehabilitation Revegetation Closure - Decipher - Wesfarmers - Platform Software

Guide to Mine Rehabilitation

Mine rehabilitation legislation in Australia is changing. Download this guide to see samples of rehabilitation, what progressive rehab is, the Government's involvement, legislative changes, regulations by state as well as success stories.
Tailings Storage Facilities - TSF - Mining - Decipher - DecipherGreen - Tailings management - tailings dam monitoring - tailings storage facility software - environmental obligations software

Guide to Tailings Storage Facilities

Following a series of catastrophic tailings failures, global TSF regulations are changing so we've put together a comprehensive guide. Learn about issues and risks, recent examples of failures, global changes in regulations, how companies are responding, case studies and available monitoring solutions.
Mine rehabilitation - DecipherGreen

Queensland Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRC plan)

Mining companies in Queensland are legally obligated to rehabilitate the land. Recent changes by the Queensland Government has improved rehabilitation and financial assurance measures through a series of reforms. Download this guide to understand what a PRC is and why to ave one, the PRCP schedule and the 6 steps for developing a schedule.
Resources - Guide to Mine Site Completion Western Australia

Guide to the mine-site completion framework in Western Australia

Download this free guide to the 6 step best practice framework to mine-site completion in Western Australia. Understand the latest best-practice framework, the definition of mine completion, the reason for a framework and when to consider a completion plan.
Church of England TSF Initiative - Decipher - Tailings Storage Facility - tailings management - tailings dam monitoring - environmental monitoring software - environmental obligations software - tailings storage facility software

The Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative - What's Next?

Watch this free webinar to hear from Professor Elaine Baker, the driving force behind the Global Tailings Database, and Decipher CEO, Anthony Walker on the Initiative and what this means for your company.
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