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Google Earth Engine

At the heart of Decipher is Google Earth Engine, a world-class tool that uses satellite images, geospatial data and powerful global-scale processing to give you reliable in-depth vegetation analysis in seconds.
The Weather Company - Decipher - Integrations - Agtech

The Weather Company

Powered by The Weather Company, you can view current and forecast weather on your Decipher map to see how your location and plans may be affected. This includes windspeed, temperature, UV, clouds and precipitation.
GlassTerra - Decipher - Mine Rehabilitation - Tailings Storage TSF


Geo-Spatial IOT solutions that monitor, in real-time, the structural movements of mining earthworks for compliance and safety purposes (including rehabilitation, tailings dams, stockpile, excavation monitoring and more).
ArcGIS - Decipher - Integrations - Agtech

Esri ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information maintained by Esri. Gain greater insights by visualising and analysing your data.
CSBP - Decipher - Integrations - Agtech

CSBP Soil and Plant Lab

An independent, purpose built lab that has serviced the Australian agricultural industry for almost half a century. Easy select and customise tests for soil and plant analysis.