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Rio Tinto - Case Study - Decipher Perth - Tailings Storage Facilities

Rio Tinto is a pioneer in metals and mining and has projects and operations spanning across 36 countries. It is recognised as an innovator that embraces technology and was named one of 2019’s most innovative companies by Boston Consulting Group.


To find a secure and centralised cloud based solution to manage important datasets across all sites globally, and ensure that site and corporate users have appropriate security access.

Success Metrics (100% Achieved)

Globally accessible to the right people
Intuitive, easy to use interface
Global site data imported and useable
Thorough user testing with site buy-in
Tailings Storage Facilities - Decipher Wesfarmers - Australia

Benefits & Feedback

Centralised data management system
Flexibility to set up users with different access
Track changes and run reports
Single Sign On access and easy-to-use interface
Accessing and visualising geospatial data

The Decipher product had a number of features that we were looking for already available through their existing modules. On top of this, the Decipher team showed a keen willingness to work through all of our requirements and develop the additional features we needed. A fully functional MVP based on a subset of Decipher modules was provided within the project timeframe.


Principal Advisor, Geotechnical Engineering Growth and Innovation, Rio Tinto

Empowering users with data and knowledge to effectively monitor tailings storage facilities globally

View real-time TSF data and alerts related device data such as piezometers, monitoring bores, water levels and vibration
Monitor land subsidence and movement utilising remote sensing such as satellite derived InSAR datasets
Visualise real-time LiDAR data and specific insights into dam movement utilising hardware and data providers such as GlassTerra
Store all of your tailings data in the one place, providing your team with a single source of truth
Easily visualise your facilities across multiple sites in a single screen on a geospatial map with an ability to export for reporting
Effectively monitor your facilities with our spatial data such as InSAR, LiDAR, DEM and more
Create corporate report templates and meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI, and UNEP
Decipher - Tailings Storage Facility - IOT

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