Rehabilitation & Closure

Streamline your closure, rehabilitation and relinquishment

Decipher’s Closure and Rehabilitation solution and modules are trusted by Environmental, Rehabilitation, Community and Mine Management teams globally to help improve relinquishment, tracking of closure and achieving rehabilitation targets.

Our award winning cloud solution enables teams to replace manual data collection and often reduce site visits, surveying and consulting studies through a streamlined, end-to-end process, all in the one platform.

The Decipher platform offers an earth observation approach to rehabilitation and integrates this with advanced and regular on-ground monitoring, coupled with existing data collection processes and sources. Companies are more regularly utilising technologies such as drones to capture footage but this valuable data often sits unused and unactioned. With Decipher, you can upload this footage alongside other data sources to visualise your rehabilitation efforts, assign actions and track against closure criteria. By centralising your data and management you not only improve your efficiency and time saving, but you also reduce significant spend and simplify both regular and annual reporting through more automated data, graphs, reports and charts.

Being on the Decipher Azure cloud means your data is secure and easily accessible to authenticated users internally as well as externally (e.g. regulators) where you can showcase your proactive approach to closure. Decipher seeks to enhance your operational capability by integrating with existing systems and supporting current frameworks rather than replacing them. This new approach to closure is not only industry leading to enhance your company’s reputation and social license, but offers far more transparency to improve trust with regulators and communities of operation.

Rehabilitation and Closure - Decipher Mining Platform - Perth Australia
Minetech, Regtech and Agtech in one
Our solution grew out of the agricultural space and has evolved and developed into a regulatory (Compliance management software), environmental monitoring tool, and environmental management system (EMS) tool to assist those in managing rehabilitation and closures.
The most comprehensive solution
No other solution on the market brings so many components of mine rehabilitation and environmental monitoring and management together like Decipher. Our modules can be used individually or in conjunction with one another with extensive cross-functional benefits.
Minimise travel and increase safety
Using the power of Decipher’s GIS, remote sensing, monitoring and management tools means you can minimise travel to site and with less exposure to risk this means you can enhance safety across your business.
Industry led and best practice
Our solutions are not only developed in conjunction with industry experts and leaders but we are also proudly part of the CRC-TiME along with 70 other entities to drive transformational change in mine closure.
Remove subjectivity
Remove subjectivity in your mine rehabilitation and closure progress. Our tools allow you to demonstrate your success through quantitative and easily accessible data and reports.
Regulator friendly
Showcase your rehabilitation work to regulators with visual evidence and metrics to support it.
Increased compliance
Use Decipher to help support and develop rehabilitation management plans and compliance. Ensure a proactive approach with a forward program to demonstrate how you are achieving outcomes as part of regulatory criteria and closure commitments.
Enhance stakeholder relations and ESG
Highlight your company’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a company implementing the latest tools to support sustainability and a positive societal contribution.
Help manage risk through progressive closure
Decipher supports a progressive closure approach which seeks to manage risks and issues around pit back-filling, rapid flooding, slope instability and acid generation.

Key features of our Mine Rehabilitation and Closure solution

Monitor vegetation health and performance through satellite indices such as Biomass (NDVI imagery) and Red Edge (NDRE imagery)
Track and manage remote offset properties and compare vegetation performance against other domains
Harness our data clustering algorithm to create management zones across project areas
Create crop rotation and nutrition plans, application and requirements for rehabilitation domains
Create and manage your own project boundaries, areas and/or domains and monitoring points
Capture a wide range of environmental monitoring data and indicators such as water, air, noise, vibration, soil and more
Analyse real-time environmental monitoring data in conjunction with satellite indices
Maintain and track environmental monitoring compliance limits and any exceedances
Add notes and annotations to the GIS map to make data more meaningful

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