Decipher’s IoT LIDAR technology enables mining teams to monitor unplanned structural movements of earth in near real-time and to be automatically alerted to customer defined exceedances and out-of-compliance issues.

Decipher - Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) - IoT LiDAR
Decipher’s Earth Observations and InSAR modules provide a macro view of possible areas for concern. Used together with the IoT LiDAR module, units can be deployed to help visualise, understand and monitor the micro level issues facing tailings storage facilities. Integrating with the Edge compute LiDAR IoT devices, Decipher enables you to easily visualise the data on the map in 3D, and can be used to monitor the tailings embankments (including vegetated embankments), rehabilitation and closure, stockpiles and excavation in more naturalized, near real-time manner. Observed conditions can then be quickly and easily converted to actions which are assigned to specific employees or contractors to investigate or remediate by specific dates.

Currently, under safety regulations, unplanned movements of earth are generally classed as high potential incidents which need to be reported and investigated. Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology is the practice of using light or non-visible electromagnetic radiation to detect and measure distance to objects. IoT LiDAR collects data from IoT devices and uses a laser scanner to measure minute movements in structures, building up a topographical model which can be compared to previous data or be programmed to scan continuously, triggering an alert if movement is detected. Working with GlassTerra’s affordable, simple, connected, scalable, cyber secure IOT LIDAR hardware devices, our solution helps users visualise and measure real-time terrain changes such as structural changes of tailings dams at approximately 2000m2/device. Armed with this information, users can then conduct prompt reporting, investigation and mitigation of high potential incidents which can enhance safety, and improve the protection of the environment and stakeholders.

Real-time monitoring
Enabling technicians, auditors, and engineers to monitor the structural integrity of tailings, rehabilitation and closure, stockpiles and excavation in real-time
Single source of truth
Decipher brings together a variety of site data in the one central location
Visualise data
Easily visualise your GIS and operational data on the map
Built in alerts
Operate with increased confidence knowing data is being collected and monitored with built in alerts where a potential hazard or breach is detected
Demonstrate compliance
Comply with corporate and industry requirements and requests, and demonstrate compliance with visual evidence and metrics
Increase safety
Enhance the safety of personnel with reduced travel to site and less exposure to risk
Stakeholders and environment
Manage risk and improve the protection of the environment and stakeholders

Key features of our IoT LiDAR module

Connect your IoT devices safely and securely to Decipher through a data integration solution which works for your company
Access reliable, real-time data
Receive live alerts and exceedances
Ability to define aggregations of datasets to insert into Decipher amongst other monitoring data (e.g. annual compliance data)
Integrate with any historian or device where an external API is available