Machine Learning & Automated Tree Counting

Machine Learning & Automated Tree Counting

Utilise machine learning to automatically detect and count trees across an area and gather insights remotely to simplify the monitoring and reporting process

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Trees form an integral part of our environment and world around us and is often used as a measure to determine vegetation health and sustainability. Metrics such as tree counts make up the functional attributes of a vegetation zone and are often used as an assessment measure to manage and minimise the impact on biodiversity from clearing and development works. Conducting tree counts has typically been executed in a very manual, often expensive manner that can be open to human error and safety concerns, particularly in remote and distance locations that are difficult to access. Advancements in machine learning technologies have presented a number of opportunities for companies to simplify these types of activities and provide businesses with a way to utilise resources elsewhere. Decipher has developed a machine learning application with an embedded tree counting algorithm that can automatically detect and count trees across an area. After implementation and some initial ground truthing, the application learns to better conduct these counts over time, allowing users to gather insights remotely and simplify this monitoring and reporting process. Utilising our tree counting framework, Decipher can also produce additional customised algorithms to suit your business utilising imagery.

Automatic Tree Counts

Utilising machine learning, images can be analysed to automatically detect and count trees for the user to validate

Continuous Learnings

Initial ground truthing, combined with ongoing user validation in the application, allows the algorithm to be continuously evolving to cater for a range of images and scenarios.

Customised Metrics for your Business

With the capacity to create a range of algorithms on demand, we can provide a tailored solution to your requirements

Tailored to your Project

During implementation, Decipher will feed the algorithm your imagery and ground truth the outputs so the algorithm can learn how to accurately analyse your Site/Project

Visualisation Variety

Visualise tree counting outputs spatially or in a chart over time, filtered by date range, domain, area and/or project/site

Actions & Notifications

Assign related actions to accountable team members and incorporate a second layer of approval and escalation of overdue actions, all with associated and automatic notifications

Drone footage and Decipher

Light weight drones offer a modern method for collecting high resolution imagery and video for embankment construction monitoring activities in mining. Companies can often undertake these activities but the data remains parked and unused. Decipher’s platform brings this to life enabling companies to visualise this data in our easy to use interface along with other data sources.

Conduct immediate monitoring over large areas with ease which is particularly useful following significant rainfall, seismic activity or for ad hoc requests
Run comparisons between new and historic data to visualise trends and changes
Identify areas of concern and assign actions within the platform to physically inspect
Visually assess earthworks compliance against design
Remote monitoring capabilities for field staff which can improve visual coverage and enhance safety
Conduct pre-checks of ground conditions and earthwork construction activity in remote and difficult to reach areas before conducting physical inspections
Integrate drone field data with LiDAR data

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