Environmental and compliance requirements, made easy

Environmental Obligations | Mine Rehab - Decipher Australia
Projects that directly impact the environment and community are often accompanied by a large volume of prescriptive conditions and actions that must be complied with in order to commence and continue a project such as permits, approvals, licences, Ministerial Conditions and mineral titles and so on. Decipher’s Obligations module provides a central, online platform designed to capture important obligation information, enabling you to identify, address and manage key deliverables. To ensure obligation deliverables and deadlines are met, you can establish a set of actions and accountabilities.

Obligations register

Maintain a central library of all prescribed conditions and capture important information such as compliance status, category and risk across all projects.

Spatial visualisation of obligations

Plot obligation points, lines and polygons on an interactive map and filter by category, compliance status, risk and date range across projects.

Obligation actions & notifications

Assign obligation related actions to accountable team members with the ability to incorporate a second layer of approval and escalation of overdue actions, all with associated and automatic notifications.

Import & export obligations

Import conditions in bulk from Excel using the Decipher import tool and export export obligation registers to Excel.

Obligations system integration

Decipher's API driven design allows users to exchange obligations information to and from external data sources and systems such as state regulatory databases, action management, safety solutions and more.
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