Rehabilitation Planning & Monitoring

Rehabilitation Planning & Monitoring

Establish, monitor and measure mine closure completion criteria over time as well as managing and tracking disturbance and rehabilitation planning targets and against delivery

Module - Rehabilitation - Decipher - Wesfarmers
Rehabilitation and reclamation of disturbed land is an integral component of mine planning and closure, and demonstrating sustainable and responsible development. Access to land and commencing a project requires companies to create mine closure plans in the early design and feasibility stages and clearly demonstrate its commitment to post land use productivity through reclamation. Planning for closure and progressively rehabilitating a site, needs to occur throughout all stages of a project and as part of this process, operators are required to manage and meet completion criteria throughout the lifecycle of the project. Decipher provides a standardised approach to mine reclamation management across the lifecycle of resource development. Customers can establish and manage completion criteria in a central location with the ability to monitor and measure performance against their criteria over time. Users can also manage disturbance and rehabilitation planning targets and track against actual activity in a geospatial manner.

Rehabilitation & Disturbance Plans

Establish rehabilitation and disturbance plans with timelines and targets and compare against actual values over time

Completion Criteria Management

Centralise completion criteria details and plot on a map where they apply and what the status is by project, area, domain, post mining land use, and/or completion criteria.

Criteria Assessments

Monitor performance of completion criteria and define configurable statuses such as new, tracking towards success, off-track, re-work and more

Land Use Management

Utilise the land use register to manage the various categories and linked areas. Pre-populate completion criteria by site/areas based on intended post-operation/post-mining land use.

Project, Area/Facility, Domain Analysis

Extract hectare breakdowns by project/site, facility, domain for rehabilitation and disturbance related phases such as non-disturbed, disturbed, new rehabilitation, established rehabilitation, ready for relinquishment and more

Rehabilitation & Disturbance Mapping

Utilise the highly interactive map to filter, plot and extract the above activity and parameters required for reporting

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