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Decipher - Mining - Stakeholder Engagement Tool Software
Effective stakeholder engagement and upholding stakeholder commitments is key to project longevity and success, as well as driving an organisation's social licence to operate. Failure to track and document issues, commitments and communications can result in stakeholder dissatisfaction and distrust, and ultimately project failure. Decipher’s Stakeholders module enables you to easily identify and track stakeholder profiles and important stakeholder metrics, including the ability to capture ongoing engagements, highlight trends in stakeholder sentiments and themes, and assign related actions to team members.

Stakeholder profiles

Maintain a library of all stakeholder individuals and groups, and capture key metrics such as interest, influence and risk.

Engagement history

Easily visualise historical relationships and engagement with stakeholders utilising the engagement register and key metrics related to sentiment, risk and classification information.

Spatial visualisation of stakeholders

Stakeholders and engagement records contain spatial data, which enables you to plot this data on the Decipher map, and then view and filter by projects, classifications, influence, interest, risk and sentiment.

Stakeholder actions & notifications

Easily assign stakeholder and engagement related actions to appropriate team members. Actions include notifications and escalations to ensure deadlines are met.

Stakeholder system integration

Decipher’s API driven design allows you to exchange stakeholder information to and from external data sources and systems such as CRMs, complaint registers, incident management systems, and more.

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