Tailings Disclosure Database

Tailings Disclosure Database

Supporting Decipher’s detailed Tailings Governance & Monitoring solution

Our lightweight Tailings database solution helps mining companies capture, manage and disclose tailings storage facility data for requests from industry groups such as The Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative whilst significantly increasing efficiency and time savings.

Decipher’s lightweight Tailings database solution helps you capture, manage and disclose data whilst significantly increasing efficiency and time savings. Decipher’s solution is secure and easily accessible through cloud architecture and Single Sign On (SSO).

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One central hub

Decipher brings together a variety of tailings data in the one location which is otherwise managed by a number of teams in disparate systems. Easily visualise your GIS and operational TSF data on the map.

Better manage perceived risk

Ensuring the safety of communities around your tailings dam is crucial. Our TSF database tools ensure you can disclose data to communities, regulators, and interested and affected parties so you can maintain positive stakeholder relations to reduce risk to your company.

Real-time data

Decipher collects real time TSF data around assets / facilities from a variety of sources so you can make integrated and informed decisions fast.

Simplify reporting

Operate with increased confidence knowing data is being collected and monitored with built in alerts where a potential hazard or breach is detected.

Improve compliance

Help comply with corporate and industry requirements and requests such as the recent mine tailings disclosure with fields embedded for simple reporting.

Tools to help improve safety decision making

Operate with increased confidence knowing data is being collected and monitored with built in alerts where a potential hazard or breach is detected.
Rio Tinto - Case Study - Decipher Perth - Tailings Storage Facilities

Jon Lapwood, Principal Advisor, Geotechnical Engineering Growth and Innovation

“The Decipher product had a number of features that we were looking for already available through their existing modules. On top of this, the Decipher team showed a keen willingness to work through all of our requirements and develop the additional features we needed. A fully functional MVP based on a subset of Decipher modules was provided within the project timeframe.”
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View Projects

Add and view areas associated with your project and visualise this spatially on the map

1. View projects
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Capture Data

Use the map tray to enter and view supporting dam data and documentation

Create Boundaries

Use the cut, extend, merge and split tools to draw and create boundaries on your map

3. Create Boundaries
4. Export

Export Data

View project and area data on your screen by applying area, attribute groups and attribute filters before exporting to various formats

Generate Reports

Access custom reports directly from the Reporting section and export in various formats

5. Reporting

Key Features

Working with COE to facilitate automatic updates to their database based on changes in yours, with approvals
Configure any type of attribute data against mine features such as water storage and tailings
Cluster data into key areas such as safety, risk, compliance, construction, design, roles and responsibilities
Meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as COE, ICMM, UNEP, PRI, Global Tailings Review and more
Upload and reference key documentation
Spatial visualisation to display tailings dams in proximity to surrounding environment and communities
Action and task delegation for data collection with reminder and escalation notifications
Register of all actions and their respective statuses to monitor progress across the board
View dam data across multiple sites in a single screen with the ability to easily export for reporting
Control who can access and edit data including flagging highly sensitive records for select users only
Integration capability with third party systems or public portals
Audit trail on tailings attribute data and actions
Configurable fields
Upload and reference key documentation

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