Tailings Storage Facilities

Tailings Storage Facilities

Advanced monitoring, management and analysis as well as compliance with the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative

Decipher empowers you with data and knowledge to effectively monitor your tailings storage facility

With an estimated 3,500 active tailings storage facilities (TSFs) across the globe covering approximately one million hectares of land, and an increasing number of failures occurring and being recorded, it’s clear that a fresh look at the reporting and monitoring of these facilities is needed.

Tailings dam failures constitute a massive risk for the industry, regulators, facility designers and Engineer’s of Record (EoR), community, environment, and lastly, for operators; posing a significant risk to their safety. Now more than ever, the monitoring of these facilities and the reporting of dam safety is critical for corporate social responsibility.

Decipher is designed to provide you with key data and insights, enabling you to effectively monitor your TSF and your environmental obligations and compliance. Our solution can be securely accessed by industry, regulators, designers and operators involved in the management of TSFs. Decipher offers a comprehensive and functionally rich solution which combines regulatory (Compliance Management Software), mining waste management, stakeholder engagement, environmental monitoring, and environmental management system (EMS) tools to assist with tailings management.

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What are tailings?

Key challenges facing tailings

The Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative

How to prepare

A macro and micro approach

Church of England and Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative ready
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Working with COE to facilitate automatic updates to their database based on changes in yours, with approvals
Configure any type of attribute data against mine features such as water storage and tailings
Cluster data into key areas such as safety, risk, compliance, construction, design, roles and responsibilities
Meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as COE, ICMM, UNEP, PRI, Global Tailings Review and more
Upload and reference key documentation
Spatial visualisation to display tailings dams in proximity to surrounding environment and communities
Action and task delegatation for data collection with reminder and escalation notifications
Register of all actions and their respective statuses to monitor progress across the board
View dam data across multiple sites in a single screen with the ability to easily export for reporting
Control who can access and edit data including flagging highly sensitive records for select users only
Integration capability with third party systems or public portals
Audit trail on tailings attribute data and actions
Configurable fields

One central hub

Decipher brings together a variety of tailings data in the one location which is otherwise managed by a number of teams in disparate systems. Easily visualise your GIS and operational data on the map.

The most comprehensive solution

No other solution on the market brings so many components of tailings and environmental monitoring and management together like Decipher. Our modules can be used individually or in conjunction with one another with extensive cross-functional benefits.

Enhance stakeholder relations and ESG

Highlight your company’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a company implementing the latest tools to support sustainability and a positive societal contribution.

Real-time data

Decipher collects real time earth observation data from a variety of sources including Satellite imagery (Landsat and Sentinel) so you can make informed decisions fast.

Reduce risk

Ensuring the safety of communities around your tailings dam is crucial. Our built in tools ensure you can monitor real time data, receive alerts and maintain positive stakeholder relations to reduce risk to your company.

Increased safety

Operate with increased confidence knowing data is being collected and monitored with built in alerts where a potential hazard or breach is detected.

Improve compliance

Use Decipher to help comply with corporate and industry requirements and requests. Our simple to use tool has been used by industry for such requirements as the recent mine tailings closure with fields embedded for simple reporting.

Adhere to best practice

Meet the requirements of ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI, UNEP, Church of England Pensions Board and the Council on Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds.

Key features of our Tailings Storage Facility solution

View real-time data and receive alerts related to TSF device data such as piezometers, monitoring bores, water levels and vibration
Monitor land subsidence and movement utilising remote sensing such as satellite derived InSAR datasets
Visualise real-time LiDAR data and specific insights into dam movement utilising hardware and data providers such as GlassTerra
Store all of your tailings data in the one place, providing your team with a single source of truth
Upload and reference key documentation
Easily visualise your facilities across multiple sites in a single screen on a geospatial map with an ability to export for reporting
Effectively monitor your facilities with our spatial data such as InSAR, LiDAR, DEM and more
Capture a wide range of monitoring data and indicators such as surface and groundwater, decant pond water levels and quality, and embankment conditions
Capture, track and store obligations and conditions around your license to operate to manage your key risks and actions
Action and task delegation for data collection with reminder and escalation notifications
Maintain and track environmental monitoring compliance limits and any exceedances
Understand, manage and engage with all of your stakeholders with one central repository of information
Convert your engagements into actionable outcomes
Using IBM’s Weather Channel data streamed directly into Decipher, you can forecast, plan and track your sites activities
Create corporate report templates and meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as ICMM, Global Tailings Portal, PRI, and UNEP
Integration capability with third party systems or public portals such as the Global Tailings Portal

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